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  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    Toon wrote: »
    I'm sorry but this post and almost all the comments are the epitome of stupidity towards this game. Literally almost every single one of the comments are wrong. And this just seems to be a trend in this forum. I'm honestly curious, how many of you still play the game, vs how many of you have quit? I'm not going to point fingers and I'm not going to tell you what is wrong since that obviously doesn't work, I'm just going to post two video examples, one of Phantasm and one of Alby, so that you have ele content and phantasm as examples. and This is how elves are played, and don't go saying bla bla other region, since they are in the same patch as ours. In fact they have even less damage, since no creepy haunted. Elves are the best race, followed by humans and then giants. The reason humans are above giants is because giants lack an efficient bossing tool, and they lack crash shot. Archery is the strongest skillset in almost all content of the game, only being weaker to blaze in phantasm and ice spear in alban. And even humans use archery and crash shot, good ones at least. I'll get you a video of that as well. . So please, if you do not know what you're speaking of, just don't. It is really cringy reading all this and imo it's why NA is the fashion region, and is so far behind compared to the other regions, despite having more damage potential.

    If you're concerned about shadow missions, which seems to be the only content you run, there's wiz HM run on the youtube channel.

    Ummm these are humans. The use of AR should have told you that. Sure it shows a viable use or archery but also with $500 worth of pets and we never see their reforges. The issue with elves stems from the lack of STR, without STR you cannot get the amount of HP the first character has and have to press hard to get the same as the second. If this video had indeed showed elves using FS and Mirage then you would have a point. I play an elf and can do quite a bit at level 13k but nowhere near this as I did not spend a fortune on reforges, bone dragons, crystal deer and who know how many reforges.

    the thread however does have a point in stating that archery is viable, especially mirage in a support kind of role, but soloing things to this extent, I do not know a single elf who has accomplished it solo, it all boils down to the STR deficiency.
  • Confirmed ; G21 this winter (kr)

    Zeo wrote: »
    @Zeo - True! It's late and had forgotten about DL. So assuming the Giant did everything I mentioned, plus divine linking, while they're in ladeca they would indeed have more max for that particular skillset. I will still say though, it's not practical for the Giant to do everything mentioned, just to be able to have roughly 30 more max than an Elf in that particular skillset, especially with them missing out on Str doing this, arguably a Giant's main stat. I don't think they'd be able to cap Str outside of Talent, while not using a Str cater. Maybe with ES, not going to research it, if I'm wrong lemme know!

    And Elves on the other hand will have their very similar max, along with having their main stat capped out. I just don't think it's worth it for the Giant to invest so much into it, while losing out on other skill sets. If you're only ever using one skill set, you're not doing it right.

    Mmm, I see... so they do still outdamage the elves and depending on what % damage for some Chainslash skills they have... the 30 more max damage from the giants will be more noticeable because of the multiplier and even more noticeable when you use red upgrade on those weapons.. so I'm still pretty ticked about that, to be honest, haha.

    But you do have a good point that giants probably won't be maining the Chainslash but if we are going to include the Strength in the account for giants... I have been doing some thinking and well.. if you put in the account of GMing all talents, they'd also get more Strength compared to before and they also get some Strength from Eweca skill and I'd assume giants get some strength naturally from leveling up too, with talent or not... and if you includes divine-linking your pet, the giant should almost be able to cap their Strength along with Dex so...

    Lets do some math... assuming elves get the max of 931 with all the stats while giants get (roughly) 961 with all the stats PLUS Ladeca skill on...

    Lets say one of the chainslash skillsets do 1000% damage at r1.

    1000% x 931 would be equal to 9310 while 1000% x 961 would be equal to 9610.

    Now... just having r1 critical hit would do 2.5x more damage everytime you crit plus level 50 Yvona renown to add 10% more crit and maybe step7 red upgrade which add in.. lets say maybe 75% for the chainslash weapon... so 3.35x crit.

    For elves... 9310 x 3.35 = 31188.5
    For giants... 9610 x 3.35 = 32193.5

    That's more than 1k difference of damage...

    Now, let's factor the BFO and bone dragon chip (or weapon power potion) with those damage... I'll use... lets say... 40% BFO and the bone dragon chip increases the damage by 50%.

    For elves... 31188.5 x BFO 40% = 43663.9
    For giants... 32193.5 x BFO 40% = 45070.9
    For elves... 43663.9 w/ Bone Dragon Chip or Weapon Power Potion = 65495.85
    For giants... 45070.9 w/ Bone Dragon Chip or Weapon Power Potion = 67606.35

    So... yeah, there you go... 2k difference between the elves and giants in term of Chainslash damage... and I'm not sure if we'll get reforge stuffs for chainslash and if they'd add in more damage multipler or not but they'll be the factor in making giants end up doing more damage too if we do end up getting reforges that increase the damage multiplier for Chainslash skills ... of course, that is assuming the max damage formula for Chainslash is 2.5 dex per 1 max and 4 luck per 1 max so...

    Wow, I am sure you are making the DEV's head spin, mine certainly is. I just play and upgrade things as I see fit without bringing the quantum physics into everything.
  • Confirmed ; G21 this winter (kr)

    ShouK wrote: »
    As a new-ish player, I'm just more stressed out that I have more generation (which story I couldn't care less that I skipped all the cutscenes and speed read the text) to complete.

    You really missed out then. The story, while convoluted, is actually very good.
  • Fix Capture Watermelon Event

    Also I thought even the losing team receives a box so long as they participate. I scored 8 points and got nothing for my efforts.
  • Server Merge

    Sebastian wrote: »
    I'm not sure if its been mentioned, but what of player shop space? I can barely find a spot in Belvast in Ch. 1 Alexina, merging it will just be a nightmare.

    I guess people could sell in other towns, which would be nice, but then it's just a race to get the best spots in the best marketing towns. I dunno. Wouldn't mind seeing people from other servers.

    Wouldn't it be nice to see shops everywhere? Sometimes having to CC to 1 is a terrible thing to do and even sometimes you cannot as it is full. Having those shops spill out to Ch 2 and 3 etc... would make it that much more intriguing to go shopping cause you never know what you will find.... on any channel.