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April 16, 1997
  • When you least expect it.

    this is when you get a golden wonka ticket from the cheapest snack
    VeylaineKensamaofmariWolfsingerpawcalypseRadiant Dawn
  • Why do Milletians leave items next to NPCs?

    They are just like Rich man in Emain Macha, they can't be bothered with talking to some... poor, low class NPCs?

    I made millions of gold in last few weeks by collecting 10cm diamonds from ground, this is luxury of being low-class with an empty inventory.
  • Mabinogi's in-game drawing feature

    just let players to block all visual chat, since they always carry unimportant messages. Its nice feature and why would waste it in the first place? Implement this along with visual chat block for sensetive people
  • keep dc

    I guess most of mabinogi crashes are realted to RAM usage, It's been a year with my new PC and everything is smooth so far, no even a single crash also disconnects are realted to your weak connection and thats it, I am using my mobile carrier's averagely-consistent internet service so I don't have disconnects at all. But I am living in eastern europe so even with best connection I have lag that prevents me suceeeding advancement tests for example, lag causes teleport backs a lot and ruins my gameplay.

    I have completed all generations so far and I am completely against mechanics that modifies the default gameplay. Like when you enter a mission with an immortal boss that one shots you.

    Remember some missions that you just need to stay away from enemies detection range for a few minutes and poof you success(?)

    Also its great they add glorious Advanced Heavy Stander that dragons should have to even cutest hamsters to balance the monster level scaling. (just wow).

    Immersive damage is also another story, game literally gives you some decent gear with like a bit defense and protection, and guess what? Congrats, this Boss actually bypasses your defense and protection! Why? Because otherwise it can't be balanced. Enjoy your 1 hit KO!

    Sometimes, you need be faster than your enemy, like when you have a kinky archer build. But don't worry, most of cool bosses teleport/teleport grab/skill that teleport to you/no need even teleport, this attack's range is everywhere!. ( teleporting? edggyyy man put it to everywhere! )

    Oh and one more thing, I like it when I have nao stones there is no time limit, because thoose super-powerful monsters literally wait for my skills to cooldown when I am knocked out, and they eventually complain about how did they lose against me. (huh, you high bro? You just let me.)

    What I am complaining about is, game tells you to use armor, tells you to use your sword but in the end it doesn't work.

    Building a character mean nothing in mabinogi, even if you build the god's hand, in the cutscene you are a hipster.