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  • Dan tests are unbalanced and unfair

    Pannya wrote: »
    discovering hidden mechanics?, learning?, i dont know if the people who are saying that are trolls or just nexon workers spreading misinformation, the mayority of dan tests specially dan 3 require luck, only luck and nothing more than luck, koreans have no imagination or creativity, they just rng everything, here is where the localization should apply but looks like na staff dont care about it, to hell with this content, until i see a fix i am not going to do it ever again, and about the gold, ppl can spend over 1m per day trying to get a good score, which most of the time never happens, and 1 more thing, why we only have 5 minutes?, we dont have the same internet speed than korea genius!!! >.>

    Sure, there are certain rng elements with dan tests, and sometimes you felt cheated because luck just isnt on your side. What do you do? Throw in the towel and admit defeat? Or keep trying because you realize nothing is ever pure "luck" (except lottery)

    There are plenty of people in NA with dan 3 titles. Are we going to start attributing them as "all luck no skill"? Or as players who have dedicated countless hours devising and perfecting strategies to achieve a singular goal?
  • Dan tests are unbalanced and unfair

    Idk, I think I prefer discovering hidden mechanics for new content over having spoon fed all the information beforehand.

    Especially when we have a community wiki that we can all contribute as well.
  • Dan tests are unbalanced and unfair

    Oh woe is me! For my progress has been set back for one whole day!

    It almost feels like shortening the timespan to obtain dan 3 from a matter of months to a matter of days is a mistake or something.
  • Update coming in two weeks

    TheDumbOne wrote: »
    i feel like it shouldn't even take a 3+ month for them to have to move anything to and from KR....

    Yes, this is the right mentality to have people.

    If nobody cares, Nexon NA has no incentive nor motivation to speed up the update cycle.
  • AP training... too grindy

    BabyRage This game requires me to click my mouse BabyRage