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Last Active
  • Mabi Fanart Thread

    I noticed we have a lot of commission art threads here but this one is just intended for sharing Mabinogi fan art in general. I'm quite fond of Mabinogi's characters so that's what you'll probably see from me. Sharing a fan art inspired by a current running event below ^.^

  • Husbando and Waifu Contest 2021

    I decided to express my joy at Llywelyn finally winning with a drawing:
    He's trying to be smug but can't quite hide his suprise, amusement, and happiness.

    The Waifu contest is going to be hard, there are a lot of good ones to choose from. At the very least I will provide support to Eirawen and Marleid though.
  • Husbando and Waifu Contest 2021

    I'm so happy Llywelyn won, this is the closest contest I've ever voted on. Really makes it feel like your vote counts XD. I hope he can bring it all home.
  • A Mysterious Land - Tech Duinn Keyword Responses

    Pinkie from the Pet Trainer quest line ends with her going to going to Connachta doesn't it? I didn't record so my memory is hazy. Mag Mell was quite pretty, I wouldn't mind a larger new area like that to explore.
  • Sooo G1 has voice acting now?

    I have mixed feelings about the addition of voice acting. I've always liked to imagine the voices of my choice for each character and read at my own pace. Also I'd be pretty upset if my favorites ended up with a terrible dub. On the other hand I've heard many performances that truly bring characters to life. I hope we'll at least get the options for dual audio (if NA version gets dubbed) and muting. That being said I love everything else about the update.
    Oh Tarlach's voice <3 too bad we can't visit him in adult form anymore. :(

    Hee, I haven't completed the Dark Knight quest so I still can visit him whenever.