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  • Introducing the Mabinogi Discord Server!

    Fai7 wrote: »
    So are you imply in the future that there will be a server merge?

    I do not work for Nexon, so I cannot answer that for you. My choice of words were more of a play on words and just to join the chorus of those who want one.
  • Can someone help me with some questions?

    Hi Hajae, I'll be happy to answer your questions. :)

    The amount of gold ultimately depends on the item and server. If you are wanting basic NPC items, 1million gold isn't much and is doable within a week or so through normal means of the game. The max amount of gold you can have is 5 million (in the form of cheques). Because of this, you can hold multiple "5 million gold cheques" for much higher priced items.

    The gold cap is set to 5million per character per server for a Bank Tab.

    As for Royal Alchemist, as the feature has been out for a while, you'll want to get nearly all your Alchemist Skills to Rank 1 or Master in order to have a shot, and this is for all servers.

    Last Question; Check out our marketplace lower down on this fourm!
  • Introducing the Mabinogi Discord Server!

    Hello Milletians! Introducing the Mabinogi Discord Server! This server is open for all Milletians who wish to cross server lines to make new friends, chat with folks of your own server, listen to music, catch up on announcements and much, much more! You can reach the server via link here:

    Former Server Administrator

    --Edited to reflect changes.--
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  • Who else is hoping for Doki Doki to come back?

    I enjoy Doki Doki. Even if it doesn't change. It's a nice seasonal island event to enjoy once a year.
  • HTML IS BACK! but tagging is broke

    Their HTML was really bad. Creating a table in it had to ALL be on ONE line, or every "enter" you did, would push the table down one line, and those who do neat coding, there's a TON of line breaks and enters when building a table.

    That said, they need to allow table building for BBCode already.
    [Deleted User]