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  • Old Forum Memories

    So, as the old forums gets ready to be deleted forever, what are some things that you all saved from it? My favorite was the sole petition that actually was implemented in the game. Free Inventory Plus. Man that was so long ago...

    How about you folks?
    [Deleted User]
  • How do you even enjoy mabi anymore?


    I actually wasn't referring to what you had said. My reply was directed at the OP and their feelings about a lack of new content. But now that we're on the subject of what to do and what not to do (Game Design 101), there are a ton of examples of 'what not to do' in Mabinogi.

    While Mabinogi is an excellent game for its age, there isn't very much I would promote repeating in future game design. ☺

    (aside from mechanics) ...
    Completely understandable. This thread is a bit hard to read sometimes. Also, nice hidden text. I had my name in Korean as a way to keep myself under the radar in this new forum. You very well likely do know me from somewhere. :)
    [Deleted User]
  • How do you even enjoy mabi anymore?

    "3D" Game Content Creation is a lot harder than, I assume, most people can even begin to imagine. This is most especially true when the game engine being used is more than a decade behind the times and cannot always keep up with the expectations of a "modern gamer".

    If you're looking for the most modern graphics and the effects you see in recently developed games, you will not find it here, no matter how many coders they hire. ~ At least not before a complete overhaul and reconstruction of the game into a modern 3D engine.

    Example: Real Time Physics. ☺
    I was referring to the mechanics. I am well aware that a vastly more advanced game, say Final Fantasy XV will have much more complex mechanics, graphics, and engine. Hence why I said Game Design 101 -- the basics of what (and what not) to do/is possible.
    [Deleted User]
  • New Feedback Model

    Oh, just some volunteers think that every bug post or suggestion has to be written specifically, and no one really cares because the forum isn't designed in a way that would look like an official ticket system. In other words, if that desired form isn't laid out, then you really shouldn't enforce it and only use it as a mere suggestion. Example of way things were reported on old forums: ingame name and server name, for every issue even if it's an NPC with a missing or broken button that anyone can test.
    As a QA in the gaming industry, it's pretty standard practice to submit bug reports in a ticket-like fashion. It's easier for the QA staff to work with the information they want specifically if the players will follow their format.
    [Deleted User]
  • Blacksmithing - Getting your Hands Dirty

    image Overview

    So, you want to be a Blacksmith. Well, you came to the right guide. This guide will teach you everything you want to know about Blacksmithing and how to be the best in it. Read it all, and you’ll be crafting weapons with your signature on it in no time!

    Please visit the Google Doc Link - Blacksmithing - Getting Your Hands Dirty Guide