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  • Mabinogi Campfire Event

    Seeing this today was a nice surprise.
  • Halloween Attendance Event

    PeachM wrote: »
    Q: If you redeem the total point of 100 for the Skeleton Maid today, do I have to wait to collect additional 300 point to redeem for the robe?

    The "Get Reward" button doesn't spend the points. There is one set of prizes you can buy with points and another set that checks the total amount you've earned over the course of the event.
  • Halloween Villains' Bran

    Bran is the name of the final boss of the Romeo and Juliet storyline in Mabinogi. Bram Stoker is the author of Dracula. I suggest that the new NPC for the Halloween Villains Event have his name changed from Bran to Bram. Then he wouldn't have his name shared with an already existing Mabinogi monster and would have a name that fits with the Halloween theme. We had a localization thread already on Belvast/Belfast so it's possible his name was intended to be Bram from the beginning.

    - Caissa, Alexina server
  • Halloween GM Event

    Thank you very much for taking some time to hang out with us. I am looking forward to these events.
  • Weekly Loc Discussion: Favorite Pet!

    I am very fond of my Thunder Dragon. I named mine after the Dragonborn Barbarian I played in irl D&D games with friends when I wasn't in the mood to play a tricky character. I waited to make the dragon until I had one of those Glimmering Golden Supplements to get it to level 200 because I wanted it to be as good at tanking and damage as the character it was named for. I didn't have Divine Link yet so I had no idea what that skill even did at the time. It's still my most used pet for Divine Link even though I have a bunch of other strong pets now. I prefer the look of a living dragon over that of a Bone Dragon, even though the stats are lower.