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  • Stop reducing the drop rate of Weakest and Weak!

    Honestly, the CP system needs a huge overhaul as it is or it needs to be removed. Most of the players have that problem where 85% of the enemies are weak or weakest to them because the game doesn't really properly relate CP to the strength of monsters and people, and a lot of skills still require CP training (such as killing a boss level enemy or something with a certain skill) which screws you over once you get more than one skillset because at least 6 of them still use CP training that is going to hinder you by the time you get most of them mastered. And no one is gonna go through the Tech Duinn missions trying to get boss level enemies in a mode that is pretty much made by the company to hate and troll the players. I know a lot of people have figured ways around it at this point, but honestly, the system was annoying as hell 10 years ago, and it still sucks today.
  • Large Water Bottle

    Hell, I'd settle for being able to bottle more than one and being able to stack bottles of the same contents (IE stack empty bottles in one and water bottles in another stack). They really need to redo how bottle water works. I also hate that you can fail to scoop water into a bottle. Like seriously... How do you fail scooping up water in a well with a bottle?
  • Cotton Candy Sheep Event! 5/14/20-6/4/20

    It used to be that Nexon made GOOD events that people liked and made people WANT to play the game... But then again, this is back when Nexon and Devcat knew what game design was, and before they apparently forgot everything that made Mabi great. I get it, they want players online as long as possible, but it's just a cheap tactic that isn't going to keep people around for long. These days, it's either AFK events or events that really give you no reason to even do it for items that just mean nothing. I don't even play most of these events because I see no point. The only thing I do some of the AFK events for is for the possibility of gift boxes with gems (like the fishing event) so I can mass feed them to my spirit weapons. That's pretty much it at this point. Overall, this game has really lost a lot of the clever design that made it good, and Nexon and Devcat aren't even trying to figure out what they're doing wrong, they just keep slapping bandaids on a gashing wound and trying to give us lolipops hoping they can stop the bleeding before the game dies entirely (which it slowly is). And it isn't working. You'd think Nexon would get the point by now, but they refuse to.

    Overall, that's why I don't play the game much anymore. I log in to train and do some dailies here and there, but I've given up on the game once again.
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    Yeah, I'm not even trying with this event. I'm not a lottery player for a reason. I'm not gonna waste my time to get absolutely nothing. I'm gonna go play something FUN. There's a reason I don't play this game much anymore. Only reason I still play now and then is the foolish hope things will get better... Which they are probably never going to.
  • Let's do it! Time for us to declare our «Re-Vamps»

    Redo ALL the skills except for Chain Slash's skills and Spirit Awakening skills. Most of them need major updates.