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    "sky altar of the heavens" is that it? That's pretty name for astral.
  • What %%% (Percentage) of the Time Do YOU Go AFK ?

    Greta wrote: »
    Good thing i decided to extend my HS and pretty it up so i could afk there safely lol.


    What's the point of being antisocial in MMO

    afkers should be on display, they work hard for their look. now invite me to your hs
  • What %%% (Percentage) of the Time Do YOU Go AFK ?

    I just moved to working on my elf so I have a lot to do ! Only time I afk is emergency, exercising, or general 15-30min breaks (because that's important).

    Although, I do pretend afk to people watch in-game. Aesthetics are my interest, so I like checking out afker's overall designs of their characters face & clothes. Even if you're completely newbie or pro, chances are, I'm moving camera around to get a good look at you.
  • Freebies or [to take your mind off the apocalypse]

    Pankooda wrote: »
    Oooo this is really nice and yeah I'm fine with mask off. I honestly wasn't expecting anything cause freebie. i just like seeing how she comes out, and what people do with my dummy character lol. But anywho i really do like how it came out (this first time she crazy and i honestly really like cause i only ever see neutral face for her when mask off but i feel nervous ever asking anything like this when commissioning so this is nice) Thank you for the freebie! ❤

    Ah, you're welcome. I'm glad you're okay with expression and everything. I took risk with it because her clothes looked sharp (claw/heels) but agile so I went for "untamed" look (<--idk the best word).

    Regarding commission, I understand what you mean about being nervous, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I guess is cliché. As long as the person is okay or capable with it, I'd prefer you to have what you imagined or at least get it out there as idea to them.

    Commissioning is working together, at least for me, because drawing is difficult but the other is also the one paying. And I say this not as directly, but in general. You just brought up an interesting topic.
  • Freebies or [to take your mind off the apocalypse]

    Ah, thank you, Iyasenu & Sherri. I did read and appreciate those earlier but did not want to bump thread without finishing something.
    Pankooda wrote: » here's my character if they'd interest you if not that's fine. Any who! Stay safe!
    Sorry, it's been awhile.
    I'm not sure how you feel about mask being pulled down or overall personality. But, well, you know.

    Stay safe, as well.