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  • Dyes's Freebie Doodlies

    @Dyes No worries at all <3 Aah, that is so cute! I love it, and I've shown it to my friend and she thinks its adorable c: I love the way you've drawn the face. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it so much.
  • PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT (sometimes...)

    @Meinfoo Definitely don't push yourself if you don't need to c: The ones you've done so far have turned out great! I'm excited to see how the others look <3 And I'm excited that Zora is next. Thank you!
  • ❀Drawing Shop❀ ~Mari Server~ Close Temperately

    @MIIU Sorry for my slower replies! Aaah omg these are all looking so wonderful, you've done such a great job with what I requested on every single one ; u ;

    For Mel, could you add some eye brows if you think they'd show a bit? Everything else is perfect! Your lines look so clean and detailed, and again I absolutely love the background. You did a great job on it, thank you so much <3
    For Rayne, could you do a few changes please? I hope another redline is okay since I have a hard time properly explaining. Her piercings on her ears are a bit different than what you have currently, her pink ear fluff goes up a bit higher, and it would be great if you could make her tail a bit smaller, shorter, and less curled at the tip if you don't mind c: I love her expression, and I love that you included a palette! It really looks so adorable.
    For Ki'ana, could you make her lips a bit less defined if possible and remove the spots on her shoulders? And adjust a few small things as well, if you don't mind. Her bracelets on her boots are currently a bit too thin, her ear closer to us is a bit too big and doesn't have fluff on the inside, and I think maybe a bit more of her undershirt could show where I've marked? Again, you've really done a wonderful job on this, the pose is perfect and you did a great job drawing her outfit!

    Please let me know if I'm asking for too much on any of these, or if you have any questions. I can pay whenever you are ready, just let me know :3 Thanks so much again.
  • █ mochibi art shop [Alexina]

    @Mochibi Honestly I don't know that the NX to gold ratio is usually used for art, since usually it turns out to be a very high price in gold when converted. ; u ; I understand if you'd want to use it, though. I don't know if 2mil for the chibis and maybe 6mil for fullbody full color would be reasonable? Aah it's up to you in the end though! Let me know, and I can see what I'd be interested in (I'd love to maybe order a few chibis and a full body but I understand if you're too busy). Either way, thank you for the reply! c: