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  • help me

    it's actually Atlam in disguise 8D. After all, he's your biggest fan.
  • Thoughts on Jubilee event?

    Yokkaichi wrote: »
    For those who were wondering, this is what the full Samba outfit looks like

    And this is what it looks like at night

    I did dye it to my liking, but I believe the default colors are green, yellow and black.

    scary xD...

  • Thoughts on Jubilee event?

    The wings looks amazing!!! If only they can be dyed.
  • Thoughts on Jubilee event?

    Harukari wrote: »
    I got the Samba Festival Headdress and Wig (F) from my first box after completing quest.
    (The headdress glows at night time)
    I'd like to see what the wings look like.

    I'm fine with this event. Honestly
    If you need to revive someone, just rub your head on them. Wig has a free feather function.

  • Were those *REALLY* our GMs?

    Iscaroit wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »
    Can we NOT chase away our new CM? We already lost Sabina over stupid bs. Don't make Saygo run away too.

    If this is enough to "chase away" a CM, they really shouldn't be pursuing a job path where they have to interact with any sort of community. The issue here is that if I went to CH1 Belvast and threw a stone, I'd hit twenty five people who know more about the game and are more qualified to show off new content than our CMs and GMs. That is a problem. Saygo may be new, and some mistakes are expected, of course. However, when one bungles up a content showcase as badly as that stream did, the least one could do is make sure the information gets passed on in a timely manner, as we saw post stream (Unless I am very much mistaken, in which case I apologize sincerely) there was no promised web post clearing up the vagueness of the racial skill showcase, or giving any new information. Not even anything as cop out-ish and easy to produce as a formal apology. I know the point of these streams is to ham fistidly shove Gachas down out throats without a shred of elegance, but at least give out the information that was promised.
    If you can make a better stream then by all means, make one and show us amateurs how it's done.
    "if there's no superhero in this world then you just have to go and become one".