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  • Musicians of Erinn

    Congrats everyone! Really happy with the 3 grand prize winners. They all did such amazing stuff.
  • Musicians of Erinn

    Cover Song: the Beautiful World (from the 2003 Kino's Journey anime)
    Server: Nao
    Levont (Tuned Flute) - MML Composer, edited from a piano midi
    Mizuli (Harp)
    Vinny (Cello)
    Kevinthebaron (Flute)

    I really wanted to make something with the tuned flute. Since it's glitched right now most people haven't touched it, but I really like the new sound.

    Edit: So many good entries here. Wow. Good luck everyone!

  • [FWD] G24 Part 1 Typos

    I realize this topic is a bit old. However, having just played through G24, I can say that the mistakes listed here are still present. Sooo I decided to go ahead and add all the ones I found here so that it's all in one place. I'll also repeat the ones that Iyasenu pointed out since their screenshots seem to have died.

    I also listed what quest they appeared in and tried to list what part of the quest they appear in. The quest name should be accurate for all of them, but I may be off on which part of the quest it was for a few of them. A few of them were also from optional dialogue between quests.

    As Iyasenu mentions, in Shadow of Terror (optional dialogue after part 1 of the quest) (I think) Marleid refers to Eirawen as the king instead of the queen/her majesty.

    In The Dark Highland (Optional dialogue after part 5 of the quest?) Eiren says someconnection instead of some connection

    In Tender Resolve (Start of Part 6 of 6) Tani's letter says just in cas instead of just in case

    In the book received during the quest A Sleepless Voyage (After part 2 of 4) the text says into hell.What instead of into hell. What

    In A Faint Truth (Part 1 of 4) Chef says everyone!Please instead of everyone! Please

    In Wit and Grace (Optional dialogue after part 3 of 4) Piran says to tell her what you told her Majesty and Miss Marleid. Eirawen and Marleid are the only two others in this conversation and are both referenced in the sentence already. So there is no "her" to give this information to.

    This one is more a context complaint but... In Dissonance in the Void (Part 2 of 6) the quest says to Determine the direction of Bangor which to me is a bit of a non-sensical quest directive. I know what direction Bangor is in. Thus, I went to Bangor and completely missed what the quest actually wanted me to do, which was to examine a shiny spot on the ground. Personally, I think something like Examine in the direction of bangor actually makes sense with what is being asked.

    In A Heavy Promise (Part 3 of 5) the text says Berched creaks opens the door instead of Berched creaks open the door.

    Also in A Heavy Promise (Part 4 of 5) the text says you talk to much instead of you talk too much.

    In The Last Banquet (Part 2 of 2) Merlin says that blonde kid instead of that blond kid when talking about Piran. He says "blond" in a prior dialogue box too, so the mistake is even more noticeable with the switch.

    In Stalemate (Optional dialogue at the very start) Eiren says We were noticed that instead of We noticed that.

    As pointed out by Iyasenu, another mistake in Stalemate (Part 1 of 5), is that Hunter refers to himself in the third person.

    Also in Stalemate (Part 1 of 5) Eiren says let's rest for a bit in town while plan instead of let's rest for a bit in town while we plan.

    Still in Stalemate (Part 1 of 5) the text says in intese thought instead of in intense thought

    Still in Stalemate (Part 1 of 5) Merlin refers to Berched as the teacher twice which is really odd and unfamiliar for him. Unfortunately I can't remember what he normally says. It's either My teacher or just Teacher or maybe even Master (Actually, this one might be what he called Talvish...).

    In addition to all these, there were some mistakes I didn't realize were mistakes until later. I searched my screenshots to try to find the exact moments but even after rereading major portions couldn't find them again.
    At least one point refers to Pinky as a chimpanzee but the story later makes it certain that she's actually a gorilla.

    At some point during one of the Tani roleplays, Fodla and/or Deirbhile talk about leaving a book in the swamp to be found by the Aces. However, it's later confirmed they are just leaving a page from the book, which also better matches the image we see of when Hunter finds it. I know it's the book itself that is important and in some instances book is probably correct, but specifically for the swamp part, it should probably be page.

    There's also a lot of oddities in general with pronouns. There's a lot of times where "they" is used for characters who are normally referred to with "he" or "she". I find this usually happens in optional dialogue. I assume this is because whoever is translating is doing it without context so they don't actually know who is being referred to. While not incorrect, it is odd, especially when the same character was just being referred to as he/she in a previous text box.

    IGN: Levont
    Server: Nao
  • VIP/Premium Update

    I haven't gotten VIP in so long. Could someone remind me how this is different than what we currently have?

    I believe these are all the new inclusions:
    3 free Nao revivals (used to be part of VIP waaaaaaaaay back)
    Option of choosing the adv play item of the day, instead of only random (also used to be a thing way back)
    Can collect adv play for all characters on your account via bank (used to have to log in one by one)
    Auction House 60 hours (Currently you can get 48 with a Marketplace Shop/Housing channel house. No idea if it will stack to allow for 72 now)
    Combo cards don't expire
    Echostone tab does not expire
    No talent title cooldown
    5 additional auction house slots + an extra slot from homestead house (Currently you can get 1 extra with a Marketplace Shop/Housing channel house. Unknown if it will stack)
    Checks allowed up to 40m
    Traveler's guide costs no gold
    Gold limit for any personal shop is now 20m regardless of location

    Edit: Negumiko listed a comparison on the other thread here: [link]
  • Tuned Instruments

    Isn't it only the flute that is off-key? Also, yeah, there's a good thread about it in Bugs & Glitches.