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  • [SALE] Crow Feather Box

    The dye listings for the Crow Feather Outfit Dye Ampoule Set are incorrect. Those are the Magical Blitz dyes. The crow dye set is different.
  • VIP/Premium Update

    I haven't gotten VIP in so long. Could someone remind me how this is different than what we currently have?

    I believe these are all the new inclusions:
    3 free Nao revivals (used to be part of VIP waaaaaaaaay back)
    Option of choosing the adv play item of the day, instead of only random (also used to be a thing way back)
    Can collect adv play for all characters on your account via bank (used to have to log in one by one)
    Auction House 60 hours (Currently you can get 48 with a Marketplace Shop/Housing channel house. No idea if it will stack to allow for 72 now)
    Combo cards don't expire
    Echostone tab does not expire
    No talent title cooldown
    5 additional auction house slots + an extra slot from homestead house (Currently you can get 1 extra with a Marketplace Shop/Housing channel house. Unknown if it will stack)
    Checks allowed up to 40m
    Traveler's guide costs no gold
    Gold limit for any personal shop is now 20m regardless of location

    Edit: Negumiko listed a comparison on the other thread here: [link]
  • Making more use of the style tab: Animation Cards.

    I've been wanting this for a while now. I'm not sure about having three different slots, but I do support having idle animations.
    Ellisya wrote: »
    Good idea but then they will have to work on animation thing on every clothing we have in game.

    There wouldn't be any work involved because of the outfit. You can already do any animation with any outfit of the same sex by using the dressing room. If you click an outfit with an animation in there and then click it again (to take it off) you'll perform the animation for that outfit with whatever outfit you are currently wearing. This would be the same thing.
  • New Homestead Benches

    Does anyone know if the wooden table can seat two people? I know it has two chairs, but no matter how close I get to the chair on one side (the chair to the right, if you're looking at the table from the side with the flower pot), I always get seated in the opposite. I haven't been able to test it out with someone yet, so I have been curious.

    Upon testing, two people can sit, but it appears you need to use the rest skill while standing in the middle of the table. Also, the left side (when having flower pot in front) always fills up first.