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December 16, 2016
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  • Give every race customization equality!

    In addition to what MissFortune said:

    As far as I know petition links are usually considered phishing sites.
    I didn't see the link/site, but a petition normally requires information that we don't want players giving out.

    However, we will see about adding no petitions to the rules, so it is clear.
  • Give every race customization equality!

    Elfy wrote: »
    Korore wrote: »
    Petitions are not allowed on the forums. You'll have to format this as an actual suggestion.

    One suggestion per thread, if you have more than one suggestion, you may make a different thread about it (search beforehand, as I know elf-giant marriages have already been suggested.)

    I understand, thank you for letting me know.
    I'll edit my post right away, I don't want to go against regulations- but I don't see anything about not allowing petitions in the thread?
    I noticed when you edited my post, you didn't take away the last two parts (in which I did so already), but removed the link immediately.

    Could you direct me to that post or any of the ToS that states that? As far as I read, it doesn't state it's against rules. Links are allowed, and it's not offensive in any way.. I read over the forum regulations with the link you provided, and no sources such as that is cited.
    Petitions are not allowed in mabinogi forums, since they were spammed/abused in the past.
    For rules about links, please refer to the COC pinned in the general section.
  • New Feedback Model

    While I agree with 암호 that it's a pretty standard practice to submit bug reports in a ticket-like fashion, and that it's easier for the QA staff to work with the information when it's reported this way; It makes very little sense (to me) to require a Server Name in a report non-relevant to Servers. Such as reports about bugs in the forum. As the user's Server Name would have literally no value in the report whatsoever.
    Sometimes you have no idea if it is relevant or not though.
    For example the Mission Point event was only bugged on certain channels of Tarlach server the 2nd time around, so when someone posted about the bug not being fixed players from other servers posted about how the event was working fine for them.

    So its always best to post all of the information you can so that others can try reproducing the issue.