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  • Get 300 000 EXP Mission Point is the WORST

    I have completed that mission several times now, never had an issue with the text popup, the font seems normal and everything.
  • New sale stuff

    Ah, man - you hit the nail on the head... You have to buy the slot and then pay to keep the new slot active, that is ridiculously disappointing!

    I sure hope they add that expansion slot unlock to premium or VIP. :(
  • Server Merge

    I like the idea of merging servers - but I voted against it.

    The reason being, the game isn't optimized, and everytime they add new stuff they don't take the time to make sure it is cohesive with old content. The problem becomes, them doubling a server's population without any underlying groundwork being done.

    They are going through content renewals, which is nice, but the base of Mabi needs a facelift. I don't see a server merge fixing any problems, but I definitely see it adding some.
    I would love to see Mabi be more active, but I don't want the game to be crippled in the attempt. There is also the consideration that the server side of Mabi may not even be compatible with newer server technologies, and the load required to get it there might as well result in some form of Mabi2, instead.

    Also, as a former Combat Arms player - I can attest to the success or failure of Nexon related server merges - in that regard, I would absolutely avoid it if at all possible. Server merges, unfortunately, chase away more players than it retains.