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  • Fantastic Memory: Last run in late 2019 With all the current events running, and the push to get players to lvl 20k, I have had conversations with lower level or newer players (as well as some veterans) who are suffering from inventory managemen…
  • They aren't impossible or anything, but the tests aren't good either. They have notable problems It really seems like there is a lot of chance involved in success or failure, not for all the skills, but a number of them really require things to line…
  • My problem with the dan tests is that they are blanketed. The mechanics for different skills don't apply to all situations or all enemies, so all the bolt spells using the same waves of monsters seems weird. And, why do the mobs spawn automatically …
  • I want Magic Mastery and Blaze!
  • I've heard people mention a font related issue - from the sound of it, it could very well be just a missing windows font. I could see the game losing its mind over a missing resource. If you are getting lag like that, I would suggest verifying the f…
  • It should also be noted that, from what I have seen and heard, the score to pass seems to be the same in each test, while the actual difficulty varies greatly (IE. Lightning bolt is extremely easy, while ice bolt is extremely difficult). The syst…
  • I have completed that mission several times now, never had an issue with the text popup, the font seems normal and everything.
  • Rainthesword wrote: » Can we get some numbers for these, for example I had like around 5k points and that was a Rank B for Kunai Storm and getting around 7k Points passed me for my first Dan. On another note the event asked us to complete a daily…
  • This feels like a situation where they wanted the feature to be more accessible but then realized after the fact it was too easy, so they made it more difficult - in the end, we're back where we started. I fear this feature will fall back into obscu…
  • ^^^ That. My friends and I have been lamenting the lack of this feature for years, I would totally pay to open up an additional slot or two - but I am honestly dissuaded from utilizing this due to the service fee that will accompany it... I alrea…
  • Totally down for doing some more Dan stuff! Was secretly hoping I could Dan Blaze though. ;P
  • Ah, man - you hit the nail on the head... You have to buy the slot and then pay to keep the new slot active, that is ridiculously disappointing! I sure hope they add that expansion slot unlock to premium or VIP.
  • I like the part from any gen where someone makes a comment like "I'm the only one who can go to XYZ", right after you get back from XYZ. But no one bothers to explain why or how you managed to get to XYZ in the first place. It's like after 20 genera…
  • I like the idea of merging servers - but I voted against it. The reason being, the game isn't optimized, and everytime they add new stuff they don't take the time to make sure it is cohesive with old content. The problem becomes, them doubling a …
  • Well, they have one coupon for 30-days, and one that doesn't include an expiry. So, perhaps there is a permanent version. If that is what it is, I will be on that for sure!
  • Hello, All! First book published and it has been uploaded to youtube in all it's ambiance. Life Skills: Part I Author: Fableaura Server: Tarlach Link: