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Another screen shot of a lot of fun I had at a contest with @Sabina.


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  • The Raven in the Ruins' Hasidim

    SoraHakuDA wrote: »
    Well i managed to drop his health to 50% then got killed. This whole thing where he flies up in the air and some force smashes on to you has me lost now xD. Is there any way to stop him from doing that?

    Use shield of trust at the instant he jumps. It will block the effect of that attack. I also suggest having Nao Stones, Guardian Soul Stones or res balloons to revive yourself with if you time it incorrectly.
  • Can't charge NX

    Sherri wrote: »
    ... (I can't delete Cookies & Other Data because it keeps be logged in on my websites but if I definitely have to if it lets me buy NX then I will)

    Not sure which part of the cache keeps the info so up to you if want to try it or not. Other than that I can only suggest using IExplorer (NOOOOES NOT THAT!!) because that's specifically what Nexon sites are optimized for.
  • Can't charge NX

    Sherri wrote: »
    Down for maintenance..?! >:(
    Using Google Chrome and I always, always leave my Adblock off for Nexon websites.
    I use Paypal.
    Edit: I tried to purchase on Firefox browser which doesn't even have Adblock on it and it still says it's down for maintenance.

    Have you tried deleting ALL of your browser cache while not on a nexon site before attemting a purchase? Sometimes the browsers keep and neglect to refresh needed info. By deleting it all you force it to get new info for the page(s).
  • Selling roll cake cylinder

    Sadly it's not worth anything to anyone really. They're actually pretty common event drops. Most of us will only use them if we break our gear in a mission (and happen to have a cake cylinder in our inv) because we weren't paying attention. I personally just sell them to an NPC for a little more money towards repairs.
  • Cookie Island is back!

    CDMaril wrote: »
    anyone knows can we get the pet and the title this time??

    Only a couple post above this one already answered that question. No one knows and no one from Nexon is saying. All we can do is wait to find out.