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  • Server MARGE Meme Submission

    etri wrote: »
    Server: Alexina
    IGN: Luckborne

    This is literally the only good one and y'all need to pay attention
    Good job and god bless
  • Alexina Should be merged with Nao as well.

    I am from Alexina, formerly Mari until early 2016 or so, and I also wish for Alexina to be included. I would be surprised if anyone from the server wasn't. I've played and spent more for this account by a long shot than my old Mari account, and going back there would be hardly better than another hard restart; something I am no longer willing to do, now that I've put more work into my "new" mains than anything from before.

    I've been in and out of this game for a while, and for a while now my activity has been on a low. I have effectively quit for better things where I don't have to worry about reforge nonsense. Having old friends around would have made it worth it, as they always have, but I have no more incentive now to come back than before, and I am not the only one of such a mindset lately.

    This should have been worth celebrating. Since I started playing in 2010, going through high school and several jobs and such, I've met a lot of friends out of the game who turned out to play it, but in being in different servers I never got to play with them. There's enough that we could have formed a reasonably sized guild if we wanted to I'm sure. But this does nothing for us (Alexina players), people who quit in the past will be coming back to the other servers while we're stuck where we are, all because we wanted to play a lively MMO over the past three or four years. A negligible amount, if any, from this server are happy about this, and from this thread and conversations happening elsewhere I would say the majority is on board with our school of thought. Most others are simply contrarian.

    Speaking of which, if you do not feel strongly either way about this, please just don't vote at all. You do not benefit yourself in any way by voting no unless you believe it to be the better choice, you have nothing to be vengeful or salty about towards proponents of Alexina's inclusion. We're not being rude or uncivilized towards Nexon, so there's no need to form a defense.
  • Please Extend The Sound Of Spring Event

    I've barely even noticed the event. I've just kinda been ignoring it. I don't even remember what it's about.
  • Making friends

    Xiokun wrote: »

    I never had that happened to me... maybe once? :S What am I missing on Mabi?! Maybe I'm just too busy making stuff and training on my homestead.

    Depends whether or not your character's a girl really. People be thirsty.
  • post your daily fashion.

    Hazurah wrote: »
    Yandere mode ON
    But why would you ruin a perfectly good look with some random wings? Heck, these things are possibly worse than flashy dyes, people just slap em on everything to look fancy, and now this game looks like it's populated by Gaia avatars or some crap. Goes double for those wearing ears/wings/tail all at once, good lord. I miss when everyone looked like people, and the fanciest thing you'd ever see was a Vanalen Wear or something.
    To clarify, though, I do like the look otherwise and the hair was a wise choice.

    Anyway I feel like I should improve this in some way, but I can't think of any hats besides this. Brown must be one of my new favorite colors, it goes so smoothly with green, turquoise and pink as accents. Probably others.