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January 30, 2000
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There was something here at some point, but then it was gone, so...
  • Erinn Section Is REDUNDANT

    I felt the same way when I saw the section
  • Whats the name of this Characters??

    NPCs. Long story short: they don't have proper names.

    from left to right:
    She's a nameless Milletian that appears in a cutscene during the first Saga (at the beginning of EP 5 if we're being specific).
    I know she's wearing the Norman Warrior Helmet, Puffy Cocktail Dress and Knee-high Boots, but I'm not sure about the gloves.

    The person on the left is called the 7th Year Milletian. He appears at certain points in that same scenario (starting from EP 5) and talks briefly, most notably during the side-story-commentary-Q&A-thing.
    He's wearing the Broad-brimmed Feather Hat, Bright Summer Outfit, and Boatswain Pirate Boots. Again, not sure about the gloves. Something about gloves, I guess :/

    good luck with getting the cocktail dress if you do wanna copy them, though >_> I've been trying to get that dress as well and it's rarely listed + up for like 130000000000000 gold when it is.

    EDIT: oh yeah, forgot to mention - they regularly use those Milletians in official art, so you'll see them in others besides that one
  • "Safe" tiles in event are also trapped.

    I wouldn't mind being turned into a sheep every other tile if I wasn't suddenly teleported back to the start a few steps later. Either the tiles are far too sensitive here, or there's some trick to the game with the "safe path" we're just not getting.
  • •¸ „ ‹ • * ° * • Empiire Guild Recruitment Is Open

    Damn. I thought it translated into free essay / paper help.
  • Nexon Vip for gold

    have to really wonder what you're doing if you think this game requires you to spend $$ to do most of its content. We just had 2 events going on concurrently that allowed you to purchase premium upgrade stones, enchant repairs potions, etc. Not to mention events throughout the year generally pass out items that keep you fed IF you're loyal enough to do so much as logging onto the darn game.

    I mean, I sure haven't spent anything here in years now; NX has fed me sooooooooo well :D

    EDIT: enchant PROTECTION potions, not repair AGHHHH LOL