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March 13, 1990
  • Skill Leveling too easy now?

    ThePravin wrote: »
    Considering I mastered every talent in just a week, i would say they might have over done it

    its good for the short gain but over all for the game its not good at all because no pepole dont have goals to work for that are not NRG based and pepole are loseing interrest faster i have had quite a few friends quit because "There is no point in playing a mmo were you max so fast" there words not mine z.z i was maxed before talents existed...
  • Seal Stone Idea...

    SO we already know that the seal stone idea is a cool idea the problem is one person has the title why not make it so its a progression of your account and make it so if you want to access more areas (normally locked by gen quests) you have to brake the seal for yourself making it so Evey one can get the title yes i know those who earned the seal braker titles will be upset but that is a smaller number then the amount of people that miss out on something

    One newer idea also could be its a title that upgrades as you unlock more Seals making it better
  • Please Make Passes Stackable

    The problem is not that passes are not stackable...the problem is Nexon cant make up there mind if they are stackable or not most people seem to forget the ones we get from gashapons and some events are stackable... for no reason and to all those pepole that say "Just get more bags" having more bag room doesn't always fix the problem if anything it makes a problem were you want more and more and more bag room i got more passes sitting on pets that are stackable lol q70skUc.png
  • Good Old Alexina

    Sgiathach wrote: »
    Zeo wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Can confirm myself that running dungeons with some help makes your chances big enough to get skill books/items for everyone. :)
    Keep up the good work!

    This, more chests you have, the better it is. We even managed to get two Magical Branches in one run of Ciar Adv once while running with my close friends.

    I been around for over 10 years now i know this XD lol

    Sure go ahead and add me
  • Good Old Alexina

    Hello Alexian Sgiathach here just thought i would say if anyone needs help with anything send me a message in game i will be around i been farming people skill books and thought i would toss that out