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  • Text displayed on log-in also be in system chatlog

    What I mean is, when you log in sometimes useful info is displayed as white text in the center of your screen for a short time. Like during this coffee event it tells you your log-in streak. It would be useful if stuff like this be *also* sent as a system message in your chat log, giving you more time to read it or a chance to look back at it.

    I noticed some other mmo's I play give some helpful info in the chat log upon logging in and thought it was really nice.
  • Rebirth, Changing Gender and Saving Appearance

    I also think its ridiculous you can't keep what you pay for. I know the tired argument 'but mabi need micro transactions' ya I get it, but like Ninzerker said, if the stuff was perma unlocked (across all characters on the account) I would buy more stuff, since I could swap between them.

    As it stands, I'm stingy, I buy one face/hair setup on my main, I never change it, ever, I don't gender swap, and I only edit my alts appearance during times when premium stuff is free, all cus I don't wanna waste money on stuff I can't get back.

    Since they refuse to do that, they could at least store your previous gender's appearance, since they advertise and talk about in-game constantly how milletians swap genders freely. Cus right now, no I don't fam XD
  • [UPDATE] Pumpkin Pie Event

    Is there any way to find out if the event tools will be uncraftable once the event is over? As in, if I gather a lot of mats, could I hold them until my magic craft is higher? Could a GM tell us this info? Or someone who knows what happened on the KR server? @Katherz
  • Cowards!

    Is the Eluned Night Witch Dress (M) really not translucent like the female? No fair! They should have committed! XD
    MeyRadiant DawnWolfandWolfImaizumipawcalypse
  • PILLOW FIGHT IS BACK (see upcoming maintenance)!

    IAAW wrote: »
    Personally I did have an idea on how the Pillow Event could be reworked, though it boils down to moving it into a Shadow Mission that you can attempt once per in-game Erinn day.

    That's actually a fantastic idea. I don't think they would ever do anything that requires more coding though :( I'm under the impression they have a very small staff.
    Clovis15 wrote: »
    I suspect one of the reasons many older events never return is because they'd likely break due to the various changes in the game since then*, as well as the fact that many of them - if not immediately broken - would otherwise be ruined by Power Creep. I suspect that no matter how many people ask for something, they're far less inclined to bring back any event that would either need to be fixed code-wise - rebalanced somehow to account for Power Creep - or otherwise need effort in some regard.

    I wonder if this relates to why they refuse to bring back Doki Doki island. It might be coded weird?

    Also I'm surprised the pillow fight event isn't back up yet. Guess the bug was a difficult one.