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  • Praise the Comma!

    i cant believe there are people who are against commas.. LOL

    Those agaisnt commas are probably the ones that add extra zeros to their prices. ;)
    WolfenstinKrissyPootelClovis15[Deleted User]SpiritikaJayy124XiokunOneConfusedMilletian
  • Praise the Comma!

    Leinei wrote: »
    The addition of commas will make it harder for people to accidentally mis-price something and potentially miss on money their item is worth. I'm really glad to see this addition.

    It works both ways really. A seller won't lose out because they forgot a zero at the same time someone won't get hosed because there was an extra zero on something they bought.
    WolfandWolfLeineiGretaLongSlyTwelie[Deleted User]pawcalypseSpiritikaImaizumi
  • Praise the Comma!

    They have been added. FINALLY
    KrissyPootelLeineiWolfenstinLongSlyClovis15[Deleted User]VimipawcalypseSpiritikaJayy124and 3 others.
  • My first character turned 10 (real life) years old

    Back in 2008 you had to buy a character card to rebirth and you could only rebirth every 3 weeks.

    And we had to walk from Sidhe Sneachta to Bangor, up hill both ways, sometimes in the snow, with no shoes or a mount to ride. :s
  • Bitdefender thinks the mabi patch is a virus

    Completely Uninstalling and then reinstalling mabi(via Launcher) got me up and running. Of course redownloading over 7GB of data to fix this is not an acceptable solution in my book.

    I blame Bitdefnder. It loves to destroy my computer(s) and give completely different scan results on different computers even though they are running the exact same OS and same software with 1 computer considering it offending software while the other 2 computers say it's completely safe.
    [Deleted User]