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  • Activities during the KO'd state Advanced Feathers

    I am really glade we got this fix "Fixed an issue where characters could not be resurrected if they chose to wait for rescue twice while incapacitate".

    Now, can we get the fix for friends list's access during the KO'd State back please?! This used to be a feature that was in the game since beta that made asking for advance feathers assistance a lot easier in game. Now it's just bound to the guild chat, and lets be honest, your guildmates might not be online during the crucial moment.

    Also, Please add to the advance feather interface the option to quick select a party member in the current party. This would make their use are lot more viable. I get that party feathers do this but for more than one. But being able to have a use for advanced feathers in party would be nice. I have so many advanced feathers that will never get used and they honestly feel useless or pointless cash shop items with how their uses is restricted in most new content. Being able to use them with the party in the current mission if it's restricted would be fine. Or Maybe allow us to synthesize them into a party only single revive item. That would be nice.

    Like I get that this can be done with harmonic saint, but it would be nice to have another option to use this feathers I have WAY to many of.
  • Let elves duel wield/use 2h weapons

    Honestly, with Arcana talents being a thing that could cause problems here, Elves really need access to Lance. Just make a lance set that allow elves to use them that are not as strong. Then Give gaints access to just crossbows. This would fix this problem while still keeping the races uqinue traits. Elves do have access to two handed axes, so if we just have more two handed axes that are not race locked it would be fine.
  • Yes Avelin I know the way. G21 Spoiler?


    All I have to Say about G21 right now.....
  • Noble Hanbok Shopping Bags

    Is the Noble Whisper Whistle a pet Or an accessory item?
  • Private Academy Box

    This gacha..... Is not worth my wallet. It only has a few new things in it and most of the items are well.... not useful.

    Good job Nexon... I'm voting with my wallet by not buying this.

    Plus.... I have enough pets. There is nothing on the post about what is so good about this pets to sell that bundle.