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Mekasha of Mari
  • Sleepy Wolf Portraits ᕙ༼◕ ᴥ ◕༽ᕗ (Tarlach)

    IGN & Server: Mekasha of Mari
    Art Type: Thigh-up portrait
    Blink: Yes

    Additional faces: Y
    Maybe the original face can be a “disinterested in you/what you’re saying” expression, so then the next expression can be a
    1. “offended by what you said” or her being “passionately argumentative” at the viewer—then it just goes back into the “disinterested” expression.
    Not sure how many expressions you’re comfortable with, but maybe there can be a
    2. “oh—that’s surprising” face transitioning to a
    3. slight smile/smirk as if she’s thinking “that’s actually a funny joke.” The overall idea with the last two expressions is to show she has been pleasantly surprised and I think that adds a little depth as opposed to her being a permanently angry npc lol. This is just an idea, so feel free to play with the sequencing of this. (>w<)b

    Character References: Tsukuruya
    Pose Ref/idea: up to you, based off notes (below).

    Additional details/notes:
    1/ Personality – disinterested in most things, short-tempered, blunt & vulgar, friends label her as a “stereotype biker-chick” which annoys her. She is overly generous with (gifts/emotional support for) her close friends, which surprises most people because of how openly blunt & vulgar she is.
    2/ I was wondering if I may have the thigh-up version without the black-bar, then have a cropped version at the waist with the black bar. I would be okay with the thigh-up version having a black bar too—as long as there is a version of the thigh-up without the black bar :’D I apologize if that’s too complex. Q_Q

    P.S. Just to clarify, this character belongs to a friend. (^_^)b

    Form of Payment: Paypal/ko-fi (either is fine)
  • *Closed* ✩°。⋆SquidChip Shop⋆。°✩

    I just saw the email, which had the image with the requested change. Thank you so much~* I really appreciate it. (^_^)

    For anyone interested in ordering who normally uses Paypal but is unfamiliar with the ko-fi website, it's super easy. It's $3 a coffee, so you'd just match how many "cups of coffee" that would equal the commission total and it takes you to Paypal from there. I think there were other payment types too, but I just use PP so I did not pay much attention to the other options.

    Anyway, I highly recommend working with this artist. (>w<)b I'll definitely order again when my school assignments are taken care of over these next couple days, haha. <3
  • °˖✧[CLOSED] A Sleepy Wolf Art Shop ᕙ༼◕ ᴥ ◕༽ᕗ ✧˖°

    Also for a general update for everyone I'm planning on catching up on orders starting friday! Finally spring break for me~ TwT I was really stuggling this past few weeks with a lot of school projects and stress...

    Thank you for the update and I hope you enjoy your spring break. Take your time and good luck with all your endeavors. (>w<)b
  • °˖✧[CLOSED] A Sleepy Wolf Art Shop ᕙ༼◕ ᴥ ◕༽ᕗ ✧˖°

    Thank you for adding me to the waitlist. (^_^)/ I'm super excited about my order 8D haha, and loving all the art I see from this thread <3 woot woot~*
  • fen's art shop PP/NX/Gold

    @Mekasha here you go!!
    I wish there were a way to post images properly on here, but oh well~. Thank you so much for my commission She looks great and I appreciate that you worked with my not so straightforward refs. (>w<)b All the best with the art shop. Look forward to seeing what others order as well. (^_^)