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February 6, 1997
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"Moving Ever Forward"
  • Together in Erinn

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    This is a server merge for an MMORPG, not some broadway show. You can tone down with the dramatics. Regardless of whether there is one, two, or even ten servers, they can address these "real problems" at any time. Merging the servers does nothing to affect the game's lifespan. If anything, it only highlights the dwindling size of the playerbase.

    If they take the time to address the only "real" problem that exists; that is, the dwindling playerbase and lack of advertising for the game, then there is a possibility that the playerbase could increase in size again. If we wanted to consider wishful thinking, maybe it could increase so much so that they would have to add a new server later on, just as they seemingly had to do so many years ago when they added Alexina.

    My point in saying this is that the servers merging didn't speed up anything. It means nothing, and you're being overdramatic, so maybe settle down and take the positives out of this while you can. The other servers merging into Nao brought nothing but good things for those servers from everything I had heard since it happened, so I don't see why it wouldn't be similar here- And I say this as someone who frequently opposed the idea of a server merge in the first place.

    Honestly... The doomsayers get more and more annoying with every year that passes.
  • At Last

    Logging in after months of not really bothering with the game (Thanks, life and burnout) to add two thoughts:

    I'm not super thrilled for this because of how much more commonplace laggy, overcrowded areas are going to be, but at the same time, I can't really argue against the positives that this will bring to Alexina players. So, while I'm not thrilled for it, huzzahs and congratulations are still given for everyone who strived to make this happen. o/

    Second, there was someone here on the forums that I remember being particularly spiteful towards Alexina players. They frequently talked about how Alexina players should endure the same thing that the other servers did before they got merged into Nao, and this spite seemingly stemmed from a few bad conversations with some bad apples from Alexina (or so I had heard...). I distinctly remember them saying "You Alexinians..." a lot, and I just wanted to say that whoever you are... Enjoy eating your words and suffering with us "Alexinians." xD;
  • [EVENT] Summer Master Plan (Week 11)

    Poeta wrote: »
    Very disappointing... I'm already finish everything, but like to help out others, I like to always make the translations and helping people with any question about events, and they count about the info you already put on the event, you should listen more carefully the players, because of this so many players being affected and they needed the AP, I don't like how you always manage the events, lack of info and not enough details. Hope you at least read my comment, because you always ignore everything.

    Comments like these are the reason why it seems as though they ignore everything. Address them with the same respect you would like to be addressed with yourself.
    CMKyrios wrote: »
    Sorry for that! Our goof, but the buff should now be active as of about 30 minutes ago.

    No worries! I was more concerned about the buff for my friends than I was myself. Glad to see that the change was made, and that's it up and running now!
  • I guess Shield Hero...

    Timefall wrote: »
    Why so negative?
    Buffalos wrote: »
    Negativity on the forums is sadly normal.

    There's a pretty relevant video for this:
    SebastianCrimsọnRadiant DawnBuffaloscourtneyyWolfsinger
  • We need mysterious reforges

    MabiIn2k19 wrote: »
    Are you just too poor to buy reforges?

    I cannot speak for Hellkaizer, but why does that even matter? I know that I am. I would say that a lot of players are. Why? Because a lot of us are not whales and a lot of us do not have the free time required to earn the gold in-game via no-life grinding. If you actually read what Hellkaizer had posted, you would not have felt the need to ask such a pointless question.

    The prices on reforges, and other NX items as mentioned, are completely unacceptable right now. They should be unacceptable to everyone whether you are rich enough to buy the things or not.

    I would love to have those Mysterious Reforges, even if they are just lackluster variants of the Fine Reforging Tools. At least with those I could get something nice on my gear eventually rather than continuing to sit around with most of the hot garbage reforges that I currently have.