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  • New Gachapon...

    How about volunteering the rates for getting these prizes, much like Korea is forced to do because of anti-gambling laws? Maybe it'll affect business a little bit, but at least it'll allow players to make an informed decision about whether they should gamble their money away. Seeing numbers might even give some players a glimmer of hope that they can get what they want, and the transparency looks good for Nexon.
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    Policroma wrote: »
    On top of this... While I personally like getting training potions, getting a pile of dyes when many of our inventories are still absolutely FLOODED with dyes is very ouch-worthy. I think this would have been an excellent chance to introduce the hair dye colors that Korea has. (Yeah, I know, I won't shut up about 'em, because I want to buy them!) Or even just entirely drop the Jackpot vs. Trash mentality entirely. Surely you can eek more cash out of a few thousand players than a few dozen "whales"?

    I agree with your entire post, but I think this needs extra emphasis. PLEASE give us a break from dyes for a bit. If we're going to include items like these, at least include the 'rare' dyes and/or Direct Dye Ampoules so one can choose the colour one wants.

  • New Gachapon...

    The level of exploitation in these gachapons has gotten unreal. Layers upon layers of RNG. It's bad enough that the rates of getting something decent from the box are low, but to have to spend hundreds of dollars to get another RNG box where you are very likely not to get the wings you want is disgusting.

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    Greta wrote: »
    Aeolys wrote: »
    I am saddened at how people are too lazy to walk up to a moon gate/mana tunnel.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This. I still remember times when we had way less Moongates/Mana tunnels and they would only work at in-game day/night.
    I also heard there was no such thing like Moongates or Mounts like way more years back, but i wasn't playing Mabinogi that time, but i can still imagine how lame it was...

    Moongates used to only teleport you to a single moongate each night. We had to look up a moongate schedule to know if the moongate will take you where you wanted. And Ceo Island would only be accessible maybe twice a real time day making generation quests take several real time days to complete. Most of the time, the moongate wouldn't take you where you want, and we have to walk. No mounts. No elves/giants. Just humans running across the continent.

    People nowadays just want more and more conveniences and are not at all grateful about the conveniences they already have right the hell now.

    Okay but the point of a game is to evolve, I don't see why people keep bringing up that "before, you could only use moon gates at night" and everything else because what relevance does that have to right now, since the game isn't even like that right now?

    And also, you don't HAVE to use the book. Let players who want to use it, use it, and those who don't can still use the gates, it's that simple. It doesn't make people "ungrateful" because they don't want things to always stay the same. And I never saw anyone saying someone under 1k who uses their book as being ungrateful, so why are older players suddenly that for wanting it?

    I agree with the game evolving and getting change. But I'm arguing on the part of convenience. If things get too convenient, doing anything else around us would become mundane, unpopular and unused. Whats the point of walking into town? Whats the point to running to a dungeon? Whats the point of traveling pass Sen Mag? The ability to skip the walk to wherever you want in an instant makes it so that everywhere inbetween becomes insignificant empty filler. This removes the value of time. Is it worth it to move to point A? To point B? Maybe I should do all my quests in the local area before moving on. What would be the point to use a mount if I can just teleport anywhere I want? If we keep making things more and more convenient, we will be reduced to pushing a button to start a shadow mission or a dungeon anytime anywhere. We'll become no better than any mundane mobile game if we move in this direction.

    I disagree. Times are changing and people expect convenience both in-game and in the real world. I haven't played Mabinogi for as long as many of you have, but I can see that moongates are a welcome addition to the game and this schedule that had to be followed in the past seems to be depicted as an inconvenience. If the game hadn't evolved to include the moongate update, I believe many more players would have left sooner because the only way to achieve that convenience is through purchasing a Warp Imp for NX.

    For those who actually enjoy the nostalgic way of traversing through the game, there's nothing stopping you from walking, following an imaginary schedule where one must wait several real time days to get to another area, or even commercing which restricts you from these conveniences...

    Now that I've graduated from having the moon book, I find myself never visiting some places on the map that I normally would have. I think having the moon book available over 1,000 would revive some areas of the game while providing another convenience for veteran players to get to where they need to go.