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  • Halloween Wish List

    New AND old halloween transformation medals.
  • Halloween Gacha Trans Medals

    I understand people don't like to pay for things, but honestly I just want the opportunity to get them again. This way they could still release new content but also give old rewards. Plus, you don't have to pay with real money, people will likely sell them in-game for those unwilling to open their wallet.

    Also, those trans medals were spanned out across 2-3 years to my knowledge. If we redid an event we would only get the trans medals for that event and then have to wait another whole year for just the possibility of getting the other ones.
  • Festia Anniversary Screenshot Contest [Submission]

    It's not creepy...

    IGN: Freakoutcast
    Server: Alexina
  • Halloween Gacha Trans Medals

    You know what would be really cool? If we got a gacha this Halloween that has all the Halloween trans medals from previous years. Eh, Eh?

    I think that'd be really cool. Bringing back things like the Giant Wolf, Ghostly Eastern Vampires, and Halloween Imp would be really nice. I don't see a reason not to, especially since unlike weapons and clothes you can't trade trans after they're used so the numbers just dwindle away for newcomers. Even the Little Ghost trans are getting harder to come by now and it's only been a year.

    Everyone should have a chance to obtain these trans, just in case they missed out or didn't have the game at the time.
    [Deleted User]Peloi
  • Advancement Test Tips and Tricks

    I'm a grandmaster mage with r1 snap cast, r1 spellwalk, r1 inspiration, r8 meditation (current max) and all masteries, basic, intermediate, and advanced magic at rank 1. I will say this right now, fireball, lightning rod and ice spear Dan 2... doable, thunder Dan 3.... haven't managed it yet, but pretty sure it's doable, all bolt magic dan 1... doable. Anything beyond that (excluding healing, I have r1 but not full bar yet) is IMPOSSIBLE. Bolt magic dan 2? Forget it, especially lightning bolt. Lightning rod, fireball and ice spear dan 3? No way in hell! It's just a money pit and source of rage, save your wallet and sanity.

    As for advice...

    Thunder: Self explanatory, other people have explained it better than I can. Use snap on crystals and charge while that's going off. Pray to whatever god you believe in that the crystal doesn't go in to deadly status and survive (thanks for that Nexon). Without snap cast just spam single charges on enemies. For golems, use the 5 charge then snap strat (explained in Fireball section) and if the golem aggros you, just cast whatever charge you have.

    Fireball: Spam the living hell out of snap cast. If there are only one or two isolated enemies left, just kill them with fusion bolt. For golem boss rush, have spellwalk constantly active (just like other magic tests but even more important here). Charge fireball while running as far away as possible to avoid aggro. Cast it, then immediately snap cast another and repeat. When you actually use the fireballs get close so the golem won't run out of the way if it aggros you. If it does aggro you and rushes while fireball is still in the air, you may actually be able to hit the golem with a basic causing it to idle for a sec, this is a good chance to snap and cast if you haven't already. For crystals use snap cast, if it's not off cooldown from previous wave just use 1-2 fusion bolts.

    Ice spear: Spam.... don't know any better way to say it. Use snap cast frequently and try to line up as many enemies as possible and shoot the back one to maximize your targets. Unless you have snap cast, just use 1-2 charges for all enemies. For golems use a full charge ice spear then snap cast just like with fireball, but if golem isn't using windmill or defense just use however many charges you have. For crystals just use 1-2 fusion bolts (faster than waiting for ice spear to shatter).

    Lightning Rod: Make sure you line up as many enemies as possible in order to reset cooldown. If there's only 1 or 2 isolated enemies left, use fusion bolt. For sprites MAKE SURE you use a full charge lightning rod on the giant sprites first. If you can only get one with the rod, then snap cast firebolt for the other. For golems, I use snapcast firebolt first then do a full charge strike on the golem. Full charges are necessary for the golems. To keep the golems off you while rod cools down, try using fusion lightning and fire bolt to knock them back and soften them for next rod. If a golem is about to die and rushes you, you decide if it's more important to finish it off with an attack or wait for rod charge, both have downsides. For crystals use full charge lightning rod or fusion bolt if on cooldown. Try to get full charges throughout the test, yes they are not needed to kill most of the enemies, but the extra damage points are nice.

    Bolt Magic: Spam... spam spam spam. For crystals use fusion bolt, for golems cry... jokes aside, try to get to the golems as quick as possible so you can get the extra 100 points for each hit, this works best with ice bolt. Not much else I can say here. Use snap cast when you have it and focus the giant sprites first.

    General: Make sure you have r1 snap cast, spellwalk and all the masteries (fire, lightning, ice, bolt magic, and magic weapon). R8 meditation and r1 inspiration are nice but not mandatory, and R1 fusion bolt is not required, but helps immensely.. especially with the crystals. Speaking of which, make sure you attack the right crystal. As people have said, the crystals have little floating elementals around them that indicate which types of sprites they will spawn. So in other words, if you're doing the test for lightning rod, don't hit the crystal with electricity around it.

    Potions are better to be ignored usually. But, if you have a stamina or health right at your feet it may not be a bad idea to grab it. That health could prevent you from losing 100 points, and even more importantly 10 seconds if you die. The stamina could be useful if you somehow run out of stamina using spellwalk, but I've never really run out. As for the golems, unless you're doing the lightning rod test, ALWAYS have spellwalk active. It only takes two seconds for a golem to aggro you and through the sheer power of bullshit, hit you from across the room because golem hitboxes are a beautiful thing.

    LEVEL UP! Going into the test you will have buffed stats like more health, more mana, more stamina, and 1000 intelligence, etc. BUT... if your base stats are higher (like let's say you have more than 1000 intelligence) it will carry over into the test, THIS IS VITAL. You need high will for crits and high intelligence for damage, so level up your character!

    With all this in mind, note that there are probably more competent people out there when it comes to this. These strategies may not be the best... and hell, for all I know I could find a better way to do these by tomorrow. These are not set ground rules (especially since I can't even get dan 3 for any of these skills). This is merely how I have somewhat managed to cope with these insane trials. Take these strategies into consideration if you're a mage, but try to find new strategies as well.

    Use what works best for you, and may Morrighan have mercy on your tender soul.