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  • The Event Burn Is Real

    So are we just not going to get breaks in-between events anymore? I mean... I'm not complaining because we get a new trans medal, but I am seriously at my limit. Ever since the dreaded "summer of grind" this year it has just been event after event with some of them even overlapping. It's not like they're easy events either... the RNG grind on this one is real. I had to spend around 50 minutes yesterday just farming eggs and potatoes before the game blessed me with the right materials.

    I'm not saying events are bad... I'm just saying it's too much for me to keep up with anymore. It's not exciting for me to see a new grind fest after I just got done with the last one. I know people are going to say I don't have to participate.... and that's just what I might do. It's too much, I'm too tired of getting on every single day and doing the exact same thing with no breaks. It's just become so exhausting lately.

    Edit: I'm not making this to rant by the way, or complain about this specific event in particular. I just want to see if there are other people also feeling burnt out and I'm not going crazy. This is more just on events in general, and the amount of dedication and time they require.
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  • Tell me your tales of RNG suffering

    This event.
  • G23 Bugged?

    Greta wrote: »
    Life Drain or use Mysterious Arrow and shoot at him.

    Let's keep that first part a secret yeah? They already ruined Celestial Spike and Hydra, that last thing we need is them "patching" the last good kill method on BS bosses/enemies.
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    We are the new Tarlach...
    Feels bad.
  • More Homestead Expansion Coupons?

    As others have said, if you're running out of room in your homestead use an alt's homestead.

    That would defeat the whole purpose of getting homestead items. Why would I want stuff in my homestead on a character I literally never use and only made for bank space?