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  • What's Your Personal Mabi Goal?

    My goal has been the same since the first day I started playing. Collect all transformations.
    I was going to quit day 1 because I was absolutely bored to tears when my friend showed me this game, but then they showed me trans and I fell in love with the idea of transforming into any character I wanted.

    I currently have 320/320 monster trans and 320/417 NPC trans.

    I managed to get all 320 monster trans within 30 days of playing the game, I've been working on the NPC trans for 3 years though.
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    We are the new Tarlach...
    Feels bad.
  • Why is it so hard...

    Hellkaizer wrote: »

    And that's a very flimsy argument. Scamming is a part of trading so is theft (to an extent). It's not a good part but if there wasn't a trade to begin with scamming couldn't even happen.

    And what is your definition of "real trader" I make most of my gold in game buying and selling things, and you bet I take advantage of people in a rush to sell and lowball them, does that make me a real trader?

    Getting ignored from a note is hardly rude at all, note them again maybe they missed it which is what 90% of the times I've been ignored have been.

    My definition of a real trader is someone who trades on multiple platforms with at least one or more of them involving real money, not video game currency.

    Also, I don't think you understand what scamming is. There are many who don't, so don't feel too bad. A lot of people will even mistake it for other things like lowballing or sharking which are completely different.

    As for the whole "maybe they missed it" thing, I make sure to send messages at least once every 24 hours if they stopped responding. After 3-5 days with no response, I just assume the person is either a scumbag or got into an accident in the real world and they can't play anymore. Either way I move on.

    Regardless, I'm not debating this any further. It's not worth it and you seem like one of the people we're talking about so naturally you wouldn't want to listen to someone calling it out. If not, my apologies. Regardless of what you think, it is still very rude to ignore someone and any trader with respect will respond even if it's just to decline.

    Keep one thing in mind if you want people to take you seriously though. Never compare scammers to traders ever again. Scammers are con artists, not traders. If a surgeon and a serial killer both use a knife, that does not make them the same.
  • Uplifting Event

    And the award for the most depressing event ever made goes to...

    TwelieVimiBehelitRadiant DawnCrimsọnstarkiller1286pawcalypse
  • If this happened to gachapon

    If they got rid of gachapon they wouldn't be making any money and would probably have to shut down the mabinogi servers eventually. The NA servers would be the first to go.