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  • Not Working Skill Slots

    dragon5162 wrote: »
    ... it takes nearly 2 hrs for someone to finally respond and you want me to play ping pong with you guys sorry but no i dont enjoy playing that game if you cant even use the most basic of logic when i says anything i put in those slots doesn't activate
    The original solution to this makes sense if you're using an alternative layout in Windows. We don't know your life, but there are many reason people use alternative keyboard layouts or IMEs for text input. But you're right, belittle people that are trying to help, and state their solution lack logic.
    dragon5162 wrote: »
    So is anyone going to help me or not
    Not with that type of attitude. Honestly, this lack of respect will make it so that I and other won't reply when/if you need help in the future.
    dragon5162 wrote: »
    im just severly tired of searching for a fix that nobody seems to have or thinks that its a computer problem.
    It is a computer issue. There may be nothing wrong with the hardware or driver, but that doesn't eliminate user error, or conflicts.

    @Lidrster I would venture to guess that it was one of a couple things. Could have been that there was a profile setup to activate when they went into the game, and 1 and 3 had been accidentally assigned to macros. I think there is a strong basis that the OP is using a keyboard that would have macroing features based on the "reinstalled drivers" remark. Could have been that there was something else capturing those keys before they got to the game (malware like). or it could have been as the original suggestions stated that there was an alternative input method installed and the OP accidentally pressed left alt and left shift quickly enough to change the input method.
    I have a feeling that we won't know given the outburst towards the forums, and the short reply of "nvm".

  • why Mabi is no longer fun.

    I could list a lot of things that I would like to see change with this game, and the reasons.
    The revamp to Final Hit and Bash serve a purpose to players that aren't committed to constantly seeking a new bar to hit. I'm not looking to be offensive, or critical of others play style with that statement. As much as my opinion is that it isn't a necessary change, I can see the positive that it has on the game. There are people that wouldn't be playing if not for an easier scale. While I like the old reverse ledge rock climb difficulty curb, that Nexon be-lovingly named Mabinogi, that type of game would not fair well with the newer generation of players. The entire gaming market has become more of a causal-social scene (once again, not judging). While I'm not a fan of these changes I can understand them.

    Just to name some of the changes that I would like to see, and could play devils advocate discussing only PvE:
    Lightning Rod: Scaling, cooldown, and obtaining make this way too powerful
    Meteor: Kind of the opposite end of the spectrum from Lightning Rod. This skill needs more power, or a lower cool down for balancing.
    Final Hit: I completely understand the rationale behind this change, however, I think that the skill was already overpowered when it didn't have the damage scaling.
    Bash: I personally don't understand this skill. I have it Ranked just to have it ranked, but it is boring and a waste of Dura. I can understand using this as an entry to Mabi, but it should be reduced scale to make it less of a go-to for all situations. If not lower scaled, make your stacks count for extra damage when enemies do hit you.
    Gunner (Skillset): Once again, probably harping on the dead here, gunner needs to have a legitimate counter.
    Shockwave: I can understand that this is a defensive skill, but it can be abused with rain cloud. I think this should draw the aggro of 1 enemy if you have no other aggro.
    Hydra: When paired with rain cloud, it should have a chance every tick of drawing aggro.

    Some improvements that are much needed:
    Events: As I have seen many times they need to have more tolerance for not being on every day, or a shorter daily commitment. The greenhouse even requiring 2 and a half hours of online time daily is a bit high considering the length of the event, and there isn't a large tolerance for missing days, so I consider that a great example. IF you're going to require daily commitment, make it less than an hour, preferably less than 30 minutes.
    Old Clothing: Slowly reworking all of the textures would be great.
    Advancement Test: Newer skills, and more content for those with Dan Ranks. This system is pretty dead as it doesn't have a good reward ratio.
    Housing Limit Increase: There is no reason a shop in Belvast should be able to hold more than a house.
    Guild Mission Revamp: It would be great to see things that guilds can do other than weekly guild battle, and quests that require hunting field bosses than can be solo'ed. Some guild exclusive dungeon levels that can be unlocked with gold and guild points would probably make this an interesting and invigorating addition.
    Better Guild Robes: These looked pretty sloppy when they were new, and they certainly haven't aged well. I can see them having a bit of nostalgia attached to them at this point, but they're nothing great. I think it would be neat to add a second level of robe that could have some special effects, but would require someone in the guild to tailor it first, then require the guild have a stock of supplies to create it after submitting the creations. I'm thinking something like the glowing robes, or being able to select a couple other robe designs.
    Guild Hall Repurpose: It would be nice to be able to hold actual votes in the guild hall on things similar to the family tradition. Have increased gather rate, or increased critical rates when in a guild party. The incentive would be based on the number of active members in the guild. Changes could have some limitation such as a weekly change.
    Guild Emblem:Guild Emblems in Mabi died an early death. From problems with being able to upload them, to abuse. They never got to see an real entry to the game. It would be nice for them to pick this system back up in the game.
    More Iria Content: There are still large plains where there is nothing there. Adding a traveling merchant that sells items based on the day would be a neat addition. Or even adding several of them.
    New Shadow Missions: It would be nice to see some new Shadow Missions with new challenges crop up.
    Alternative Event Locations: Why must every event happen within the walls of Dunbarton. Do Even NPCs have a fear of other locations?
    SOS system revamp: This system was a neat way to meet new people and assist with growing the community. From what I can gather on the Wiki it still exists, but only to level 30. That is very low by today's standards. This should have a higher cut-off level, and a higher level requirement for those being called. It should also be a voluntary system where the players that would like to be able to be summoned need to sign up. They would also need to re-sign if they miss more than 3 requests in a row to prevent being a no-show. It would also need some kind of a not available option to ensure people can go afk an not waste a beginners time.
    Eiry: This would be an amazing return. Even if it isn't the same weapon as it once was, adding it back to the beginner quests again would be cool, and possibly introduce players to another feature that hasn't seen much light lately.

    Like I said, I can go for a long time with this. I understand the decisions that have been made with the game, and think that it is still good the way that it is. But there are a lot of systems that have just not been a priority for a long period of time.
  • Can't load nexon launcher

    If you can't get Nexon Launcher working, Steam may be an alternative.
  • Glitching textures?

    Mabi is a 32-bit game, and the reason that 32-bit systems encounter more memory errors is they're limited to 3.5GB usable ram without some trickery known as Physical Address Extension to try to expand it to be usable closer to the 4GB theoretical limit.
    This may be responsible for the graphics corruption, or it may not. With my experience using a 2-in-1 to play Mabi for a little while during travel, I would venture to say it is not likely to be an issue with 32-bit in and of itself. The specs of your laptop are greater than that of my portable which has an Intel Atom with 2GB RAM.
    It has been my experience with Mabi that it is very taxing on system resources, while not being seemingly so. It is an inside joke amount myself and friends that Mabinogi is a better tool for testing an overclock than anything else out there because if there is any instability, Mabi will find it and crash. It is not an error tolerant game at all.
    I've seen the issue that you're describing previously. I had a laptop with a 3rd Gen i5, and recall seeing that happen once or twice. I can't recall if it was the upgrade to 16GB RAM or drivers that ended up putting a stop to that. It's been several years now.
  • Glitching textures?

    The fact that hit is running on a 32-bit version of Windows would not be a reason for it to act the way that it is acting, however the second part of that statement does hold a little bit of information that may be useful. When using the integrated graphics on your computer, you're sharing your system's ram with the graphics adapter. The amount that is shared has been dynamically allocated since the release of Windows Vista. But if you're frequently encountering memory errors, that may indicate that you don't have enough RAM for everything that you're doing, or that the RAM that you have is starting to have issues. There are several tests that can be performed on RAM, but the most reliable ones are performed before Windows (or any Operating System) is loaded on the computer. You can try checking the EFI (BIOS) on your system (please consult the manual, or you may have to wait a while for me to get a copy of the manual to further assist with how to access this) to see if it has a built in test as many do. However, if you're not fortunate enough to have one built in, you may need to make a MemTest 86 boot device (guides can be found in plenty on Google, but let me know if you need help).
    That being said, it wouldn't be a bad thing to get a little more RAM, but at the same time to take advantage of it you would need to install a 64 bit operating system.
    Would you mind sending a screenshot of the issue, or a picture if you can't capture it on the computer when the glitch happens?