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December 13, 1989
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"hunt like a neko warrior at night and be lazy and slow like a turtle during the day."
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I like anime, gaming, older tv shows, sleeping, and cats.
  • Events Heads-Up! 9/2/21

    Leinei wrote: »
    It seems like we're saying goodbye to Summer with this event because not only is the Summer Master Plan Event ending, but so is the Connous Beach Vacation 2021 Event. Trade those Vacations Coins, Special or otherwise, in with Hafgan at his drink stand for some cute summer outfits, sea-themed items, or any of the drinks at his stand (time to buy a ton of Mojitos for that AP!). Also, don't forget that you can make Natural Dyes during this event with Cowan and you can collect Magical Pieces too!

    Connous Beach Vacation 2021 Event:

    Don't forget to pick up your boat so we can continue to flood Dunbarton with a fun and annoying chair item.

  • Base Herb Help

    base herbs also drop often from killing Bandersnatch zombies in the Par Ruins dungeon.
  • 13th Anniversary Celebration

    3rdy wrote: »
    anyone know what you have to do for 'get into a great mood at Festia'

    you have to go to that big hill with all the stairs in the center of Festia and use the rest skill or a chair item there for 10 minutes.
  • New Mabinogi Merchandise Coming Soon

    looks like we will be getting new Mabinogi Merchandise soon. Far Darrig plushies have been added to the merch shop. there are 5 different Far Darrig plushies to choose from and each one will cost $24.99

    personally I think these are a cute idea and it is nice to finally see more Mabinogi merchandise in the shop. still kind of wish we Mabinogi shirts, hoodies, shopping bags, and face masks though. a lot of people don't even know what Mabinogi is so let players do some advertising.
  • Fomors? Evil??? Erskin-Bank's role in said roots!?

    if Erskin Bank was involved in anyway they would probably be neutral about it. they probably don't have anything to do with the creation of Fomorians/Fomors but if we are at war with the Fomors it makes sense for Erskin Bank to want to profit from both sides. fighting a war isn't cheap so why should Erskin Bank refuse service to the enemies as well? they already do business with Elves, Giants, Humans, and Milletians. so to them it is just good business, they gain nothing from only choosing one side and assisting in wiping out another side. better to let any race do business with Erskin Bank and let the constant fighting continue.