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December 13, 1989
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"hunt like a neko warrior at night and be lazy and slow like a turtle during the day."
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I like anime, gaming, older tv shows, sleeping, and cats.
  • Halloween Event 2020 vs Halloween Event 2021

    So I always look forward to Halloween events in mmo games and Nexon does a amazing job with most of their Halloween events. This new "The Milletian Detective's Journal," event looks awesome and I am glad we got it this year after being disappointed in 2020. Last year was so bad I had to make this about it:
    (seriously though thanks for giving us a awesome Halloween event this year Nexon. we need a fun event like this to forget about covid and all the other depressing problems going on right now)
  • The Milletian Detective's Journal

    This event looks amazing, I have been looking forward to it since I read about it on the Korean website last year.
  • Obnoxious Yacht

    I agree these new chairs are rather annoying due to the fact they are so large but this will slowly go away. Whenever we get new chairs players show them off for about a month and after that you see them less and less often usually. Not really sure if Nexon will ever do anything about it or not, chair items have basically the same purpose as collecting rare mounts in other games. Players in Mabinogi collect cool chairs to show off when they are afk collect rare Pets/Mounts to show off when they are moving around. Having a option to make chairs invisible would kind of defeat their purpose in the first place. It is annoying but I think just keeping chairs away from a npc and not letting us use them near personal shops would solve most of the issues.
  • Goggles

    lucifern wrote: »
    would be even better if you can press Y and put them on xD

    That is a good idea and it is definitely possible for the game to do it cause you can do that with the goggles on the Scooter Helmet item. Now we just need goggles that work like that without the helmet or hat part.
  • A disturbing trend that needs to change

    I play on channel 4 of Alexina most of the time and I have only had that issue once. most of the players are nice and some just ignore you but there have been lots of times when I just play music with random groups of people and we all get along just fine. sad to see something like this is even a issue, we are all part of the same game so try to be as nice as you can. it has been over a year since I have witnessed a player in Alexina being bullied directly and the few times it does happen someone usually jumps into help. when I was a new player I was bullied once and my friend defended me. so if you see it happening say something about it and help the player that is being bullied.

    completely agree though, we need to remove any toxicity like this and the best way to do that is stand up to them and make players aware of what is happening.