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  • Alchemy Utility and reworks

    Make Revenant/Perseus Cylinders, Erg it to 50, enchant your entire gear with alchemy boosts and obtain nice reforges.
    When you do, come back and re-read your post. You'll laugh at yourself.

    It's unfortunate that you have to have the literal best possible things to be able to make some use out of a skillset. IMO, this is bad design. Like, alchemy is powerful when you have the best possible things, but it's pretty weak outside of that. And also, most of its utility is negated in more recent content like the Tech Duinn missions... so what's your point?
  • Quick Question - Green Plum Tea

    courtneyy wrote: »
    As for where you get Green Plums (you can get them from any mob drop), I recommend throwing 3 - 4 hours of your life away in Solea Ant Hell just mindlessly kill bats/red ant lions. You might even score some treasure chest keys for fun. Don't forget to equip Master of Ingredient Hunting!

    Nono, don't waste so much time sitting in ant hell, that's boring and inefficient. If you want to get 5 plums in like less than 10 minutes, speed through saga 4 and get to the ritual part of the questline. Just spam AoE attacks into the grouped/respawning mobs and you'll get drops left and right. Master of Ingredient Hunting really helps speed up this process, as you said in your post.
  • Such a friendly Ruairi server :)

    This is why I want to change servers. Quite frankly, nobody on Ruairi is friendly. Maybe a couple people I met have been friendly, but for the most part, everyone is kind of a jerk. :(
  • Ap skill ranking shulda been Ap skill mastering.

    Honestly, people are just voting to keep it hardcore because they probably don't want their grind in the past to be simplified in the future lol. I honestly think that the amount of grind associated with this game (especially with life skills) is insane, and it keeps me from wanting to play it. I've been playing nonstop ever since the AP Training stuff because it makes the game tolerable, as I don't have to spend DAYS trying to rank up a skill once with only 2x talent boost. If they allow AP Training with mastering, then there's another part of the game being more tolerable already.