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  • Martial Arts Question

    I believe it follows the same rules as Chains and Control Bars in that damage even for basic attacks are only effected by the talent’s stats. (In this case Will.)

    I think combat mastery does effect it but only for basic attacks, everything els scales off of Chain and Knuckle Mastery instead.
  • Make Humans Unique Again

    What if Humans got a reworks to Alchemy Archery, and Cleric skills to drive home their whole support shtick?

    What if instead of damage, humans were an enabler of sorts? Best heals, lots of stuns and support shot effects. For example AR could behave like a rapid fire longrange Hailstorm to lockdown rooms for your friends, Heal could heal more wounds or more in general, Alchemy skills can apply various additional DoT’s or Debuff effects Added on to stuff like Shock, Flame Burts, Frozen Blast, Hydra etc.

    It would make humans remain the “Intro” class but also give them a Niche besides just Final Hit with Breoniac.
  • Broken Human Buff

    With all the new content using stuff like Lightning Rod, Balor’s lava puddles, Song of Grief’s everything, Reaper Windmill etc. Humans really do have it rough now with their movespeed and biggest weapon being melee ranged. Why Final Hit when you can Chain Impail?
  • Dan exams need a serious revamp

    Yeah they need to be a LOT more forgiving. Or at least something to that effect.

    The Healing and Magnum Shot Dan exams are an absolute nightmare.

    I don’t understand why the times are so insainly tight and some rely on insainly derpy npc’s. It’s not even hard, just luck of the draw whether you crit enough to clear rooms quickly, or whether the chick will actually attack the stuff and not just sit there.
  • Fossil Restoration

    Generally you want to aim for NO red, at all. Even a pixel of red counts severely against you. It’s a good reason to try to stick to Fangs Beaks, and Femures although Skulls can be easy too with practice.

    There’s two main methods. Using a mid-large brush and dotting around the entire object “tapping” the edges of each circle you make to go all around the object, then whiping up the major area of dirt, then detailing while there is still time. And carefully tracing the object quickly leaving a sorta safety layer of dirt and whipe up the remainder, then just slowly detail away.

    It’s worth noting Pelvis’s have dirt patches inside the actual pic itself, making them tricky. Skulls have an almost perfect shape to put a large and medium click/circle in near the front teeth and cheeks as well, but the head itself may trip you up.

    If you have a pen tablet like a Wacom or Stylus you can use that to help, another thing is to turn mouse semsitivity way down.

    All in all don’t risk touching the sides, dirt actually doesn’t hurt your score that much. You don’t need a perfect fossile, in fact all you really get is a title for that. So focus more on taking your time with it. On the bright side all fossils that dont turn out right are still exp and cash so its not a total waste! Also if it’s raining in Zardine mine the Flint instead (big glowing lava rocks) they have a slightly higher fossil drop rate I found. Good luck!