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  • Real Money Trading Enforcement Update

    Gacha and rmt was a shite idea to begin with i find it funy nexon chirps about RMT but i still see gold bots not being banned or gotten rid of i feel they made this statement because people were probably submitting tickets about the economy but i dont blame them the economy is destroyed 90-100m this 300m that unless you spend money on the game i feel you will be behind everyone else events are probably the only thing keeping people logged on and active and with any money but this is just my opinion may be subject to change.

    im tired of clothes and gacha i am itching for new talents yeah glyphwriting was...neat but the potential skills and classes we can have will never come due to whoever is currently developing.

    have a great day everyone stay safe wear a mask even if its not for you do it for others thank you!.
  • Duel wield 1h axe and blunts for humans

    i want to be a viking like bad i dont get how humans with 1-2k str are too weak to lift 2 1h axes or bunt weapons sounds like a elven weakness.
  • Scheduled Maintenance - September 20th

    Never expect consistence from Nexon.
  • Carasek's Bag from event boxes

    Blortad wrote: »
    So I was looking over the drop list for the 2 event boxes for the quiz show and it seems the special box has unique rewards, so I was wondering if that was the only difference between the two or if there are adjusted odds for rare items with the special box? Since its so rare its hard to say from only one persons experience, but if anyone who has obtained a bag can remember what box they got it from it could get us closer to knowing which is better to go for to get the Carasek's Bag.

    My reasoning here is that the normal box is only 10 tickets while the special is 20. If the only difference is the drop pools then that means that the normal box would actually be the best one if you don't care about the unique drops in the special box. On the other hand, if that's not the only difference and the special box has a higher chance to drop the bag then the normal box, it might be worth spending twice the tickets per box if the change in drop rate makes up for the cost increase.

    Personally, that bag is the only item in any of the currently running events that I really care about. Training seals would be nice, but I haven't even gotten one, and iv been going on the assumption that the special box is better until recently.

    Something else to be mindful of is that if the number of one kind of box a person opened is disproportionate to the number of the other kind of box, it will make the odds appear skewed when they actually aren't. Say you only opened 10 normals and 100 specials, its obviously going to be more likely for you to get it in specials at that point even if the drop rate is the same.

    There are also more items in the normal box by 9. If the drop rates are the same, that would give the special box a slightly higher chance to drop the bag, but I don't think it would be enough to make up for the cost doubling.

    I got my bag out of my second normal box from just participating your over thinking it just do the event its rng
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I ask myself that everyday
    Gaby5011CrimsọnKensamaofmari[Deleted User]Radiant Dawn