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  • Official Outfits/Items/Etc Suggestion Thread

    all old clothes should be updated and motions added to them or alow non motion ones to have them like the gothic riding suit is stilll one of the best old outfits same with the royal diamonds leather sets we need a re release of stuff from2003=
  • Real Money Trading Enforcement Update

    Gacha and rmt was a shite idea to begin with i find it funy nexon chirps about RMT but i still see gold bots not being banned or gotten rid of i feel they made this statement because people were probably submitting tickets about the economy but i dont blame them the economy is destroyed 90-100m this 300m that unless you spend money on the game i feel you will be behind everyone else events are probably the only thing keeping people logged on and active and with any money but this is just my opinion may be subject to change.

    im tired of clothes and gacha i am itching for new talents yeah glyphwriting was...neat but the potential skills and classes we can have will never come due to whoever is currently developing.

    have a great day everyone stay safe wear a mask even if its not for you do it for others thank you!.
  • Glyph design Storage?

    Also make glyphs storable in pets or a bag just for them like the totem bag
  • Old items updated/talents/vikings/necromancy

    Silly people. Chainslash was the mabi version of 'necromancy'. Feed off the bad vibes of others and put it to your own use, sacrifice your HP to use a skill, edgy aesthetic, OP for no good reason... It's got half the tropes right there - which means it embodies necromancy entirely, by the standards of our devs.

    As for vikings... we have those two fishing boat people. They're basically vikings.

    Soul stealing at best necromancy to me is raising the enemies that have fallen could be done say you put up an aoe and any monsters to die become hostile to others and gain buffs.

    making permanent thrall would be cool 1 monster limit you can turn any current monster (within reason) into a fynn style pet?
  • Glyph design Storage?

    some how allow people to copy and paste Designs they have made and or save the designs.(i stink at making designs)