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  • Did you all manage to get your desired names?

    Lutetium wrote: »
    Got the "you have items that don't exist in your cash shop" bug on all three of the characters I cared about the names of despite not having bought anything since the anniversary equipment bag was out (which I obviously didn't leave there), went through the ticket process for them so hopefully that turns out well. On the bright side, my sister tells me hers went through without issue.

    PS. Y'all gotta stop bullying Gaea so much and derailing every thread on the forum it's unsightly and she din du nuffin (cept spook my gf joining her party); If the beef is so heated challenge her to a sanctioned MMA match to solve legally it in the cage and keep it off the forum please.

    'items that don't exist'

    What the heck does that even mean, Nexon? xD

    I hope your issue gets resolved.

    I'm not entering for the 10k NX, though I'm sure the deadline is far gone. I just liked the premise of this "getting to know you" segment.

    IGN (CURRENT): Kotaroukun

    What made you choose the name when you started?
    My girlfriend and I were heavily into Pita-Ten. I chose the main character's name.

    Did you ever wish you could change it? If so, why?

    Yes. Because I eventually swapped my character's gender and the name sounds too "male". (Despite both Kotarou and kun not being specifically male centric)


    Is the server you first chose the one you played on the most?
    First and only choice, baby!

    Is there a specific reason you chose it over others?
    Couldn't pronounce Ruairi (RORI) at the time and my girlfriend had an ex friend named Mari.


    How old were you when you started? (Optional)
    What kept you playing?
    The open-endedness of the whole thing. I enjoyed being able to fish overnight and cook what I caught.

    FAVORITE COLOR SCHEME: I really don't know. I usually leave outfits the color they are when I buy them unless they are system-chosen colors that are really ugly and clash.

    Do you incorporate your favorite color? Orange. I try.

    How many different color schemes do you think you’ve gone through? Probably the whole dang color wheel.

    FAVORITE THING ABOUT MABI? If I HAD to pick one thing, it would be the constant growing of your character. Despite there being caps, you can always get stronger.

    What is your favorite location in mabi? Why? Peaca (music and aesthetic) and Dunbarton (people watching)

    If there was one thing you could change about mabi, what would it be? Getting with the times. Out with old systems and graphics and in with the new.

    FAVORITE CHARACTER/NPC IN MABI? Nele. I dig the laid back musician vibe.

    Who is your least favorite? Why? Any that could be considered lazy writing, fan service, or serve no purpose to anything.

    Which generation did you enjoy the most?
    The Alchemist generations. Good writing and fun bosses.

    YOUR FIRST RANK 1 Skill? (If applicable) Combat Mastery

    When talents were made what did you master first?
    Warrior (Yeah, I know, generic)

    What did you Grandmaster first?

    YOUR FIRST PET? A red fox (I stupidly rebirthed into a red panda)

    How old is your first pet? Oh jeez, close to 700 years old by now. I'll check for sure when I get home.

    Which is your favorite pet? Blaanid and Balloon Pony because heals.

    YOUR FIRST MABI FRIEND? Probably GREENtea. I vaguely remember them helping me do the beginner quests (basically a very long series of 'Kill X number of Y' quests that progressively got harder until you had to kill an Ogre. I think it was an Ogre?)

    Do they still play? Not in a very long time.

    Are you still Friends? They're still on my friend list 11 years later.

    YOUR FIRST MABI GUILD? Okorutenshi

    What’s your Current Mabi guild? Notch

    Have you ever led a guild? Yes


    [INSERT IMAGE OF YOURSELF] Okay, but later.
  • Did you all manage to get your desired names?

    Greta wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Server Merge > Name.

    Change my mind.

    Name merger?

    Hmmm... Sounds amusing!

    All characters get wiped. We now have to share one character and everyone gets 30 seconds to perform a task. "Twitch Plays Mabinogi"
  • Name change was a LIE

    I was lucky. The only problem I had was lag...probably from all the people jumping on all at once to get their names back.

    Same. I was on mobile, too, which adds to my confusion.
  • Why won't you let me give you my money? Seriously

    Zephiris wrote: »
    There are so many "Limited availability" items that I would happily pay for. For example, the Inventory Expansion Coupon. I took a break from the game, and came back for the server merge. I wasn't aware of this item's run in the web shop, but I'd so buy two of them in an instant.

    Nexon would make so much more money if they'd just leave these insanely desirable items in the shop permanently.

    So basically, a formal request to put the Inventory Expansion Coupons back into the shop, if not permanently, at least on a regular basis.

    Implementing a false limited availability is how they make so much money on those items in the first place. It's why everything new these days is in a shopping bag or gacha and why QoL improving items like inventory expansions only last a few days. They know people will rush to buy a whole bunch the next time they're available because the consumer has been made aware of the fact that they will leave the shop soon.