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  • about the merge name nao

    Nao was the name of the beta server when it was first being released on NA. The way I see it is that Nao is the mother with a nice house in the suburbs and Mari, Ruairi, and Tarlach are her children that left, went to work, then returned broke and bankrupt, causing the elderly mother (Nao) to take care of them again.

    Mother Nao: "I left your rooms exactly as they were, everything will be the same, except I get to call you all worthless"

    Mari/Tarlach/Ruairi: "Yes mom...."
  • Please let aim speed count toward magnum shot

    How about we limit miss shots to be only luck based. So change the entire range system so that "missed" shots only count for half of the damage they were suppose to do if they were a "successful" one. So a base level Magnum shot does 250% instead of 500% if the shot was a "miss" on the old system. Ranged shots can still miss a target entirely, but will be like shuriken and dual gun misses in that only luck will make them unaffect the target. I mean its kinda stupid that I missed a shot on a dragon that's literally filling up my entire field of view...
  • It's official: merge baby merge

    In all honesty, they really should've just put the server transfer stuff in the cash shop. A good source of non-gacha cash, lets people decide if they actually want to stay on a quiet server, and no one feels left out. Also less chance of royally exploding the game, cause lets face it, there's going to be a sizable portion of us that's gonna hit a snag of sorts. Missing items, rollbacks, corrupted data, etc. Oh, this is also a PSA for everyone affected by the merge, TAKE AN INVENTORY OF YOUR ENTIRE INVENTORY.
  • Patch Notes - May 9th

    NA would rather do a server merge than give the VIP update. There is much sadness to be had. (Also Extra slot update please~)
  • Let's make armors have poison resistance attribute

    Alshian wrote: »
    Maybe they could allow us to keybind antidotes, if there is pls tell me.

    I have an inv full of antidotes for good measures. Id also like Antidotes to have an effect buff when used:

    Not only does it cure poison but gives a 3 minute immunity to poison. Make it happen Nexon.

    You can keybind antidote pots, there's an option for it in the keyboard setting in the settings menu.