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I like how you guys nuked my thread when i showed Alexina looking miserable with broken ch1 and overall low (11% full, while Nao was 21%) population. Good job. This just proves your favoritism towards Nao server, because i know all GM's hang out in there. You never did any special streams in Alexina and now you even gave special treatment of adding additional 3 channels to Nao server. How you dare to claim these servers having similar population if you literally debunked it after adding those 3 channels??? This is a joke. This whole ignorance towards Alexina being left out is ridiculous and sad.


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October 1, 1996
  • Last Post Wins

    Helsa wrote: »
    Oh, and by the way . . .

    . . . You ate my ice cream?
  • Fantastic Memory Event Broken

  • Fantastic Memory Event Broken

    Just let them extend this event for a week. Because i just lost a chance to complete this event and an extension will save me.
  • Fantastic Memory Event Issue

    Greta wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Still broken?

    Not giving new Joe quests for those who still need 10.

    So, nope. Not fixed. Not surprised, either. Nexon can't do anything right.

    The event quests reset at 7 am Pacific time. That's 10 am Eastern, 9 am Central, 8 am Mountain, 6 am Alaska, and 5 am Hawaii. For European players, that's 3 pm British/ Western European Time, 4 pm Central European Time, 5 pm Eastern European Time, and 6 pm Moscow time. For Australia and New Zealand, that's 2 am New Zealand Standard Time, 12 midnight Australia Eastern Standard, 11:30 pm Australian Central Standard, and 10 pm Australian Western Standard.

    I was able to get the day 10 Caravan Joe quest, so not getting the 10th quest on the 10th day is new to me.

    This event resets at midnight PST. a.k.a 10 AM for me.

    The attendance board resets at midnight, but the Caravan Joe quest resets at 7 am PST. I checked the announcement thread. On the "Find Caravan Joe" section, it states that that quest resets at 7 am PST. It's easy to miss because the text is so small and fuzzy (Really, what is up with this game's graphic design person?), but it is there.

    Caravan Joe Quests aren't broken. No ones talking about them. It only indicates the fact that attendance board is the only broken one.
  • [PART 3] Fantastic Memory Relay Event

    Guys, please extend this event for another week... It's day 2 and people are going to miss second stamps as well.