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Apparently I got someone's attention. People even talk about me in Facebook groups lmao. Still curious what he meant by calling me " monster warrior". Why would you care anyway, right? NO ONE CARES.


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October 1, 1996
  • ~Joeii's Freebie Art Pop-up Shop~

    Yuyun wrote: »
    Yummei wrote: »
    Yuyun wrote: »
    That is SO PRETTY *A*
    I really do love it!
    Thank you for drawing my character!

    Yaay! ^ u ^ You're welcome~! :D

    Greta wrote: »
    Hi! Your art is really good!

    You can try out my character if she interests you~ <3


    And sorryy, your char really looks cool, but I'm only doing 5 freebies and you're the 6th :X

    R.I.P. i didn't notice that. But it's okay though. :D
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    False hopes won't help, we need facts. For now we have a fact that Alexina is not merged and GM's clearly doesn't want us to merge any time soon. We need confirmation first.
  • Collection Journal Help

    nikyah wrote: »
    Ah, I am missing 3 in that list. Off to catch those. Hopefully with success

    Good luck with sturgeon.

    Good thing i got ton of those during ice fishing event.
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    Greta wrote: »
    "Alexina has healthy population".

    That's what we said about Mari before her hunger.

    I never considered any servers as healthy. Alexina was only the least "ill" there, but still not healthy. NA community is really small and i always wanted for us to be in a one server, so there would be less competition, confusion and regret between servers. It still confuses me when i think about NA's choice with this merge.
  • Waiting on Generation 23

    Wlia wrote: »
    while i understand why you are all hyped i dont really look forward for it
    it will be another story segment with another amount of overpowered bosses and frustration to go thru for only hackers and over lvl-ed players can finish
    they really should fix the old bugs and some old skill they simply forget about like the damn mana shield mastery that is R6 voided for as long the game exists..
    dont get me wrong i to look for new story but...

    Don't want to sound elitist or something, but the last boss who was really difficult to defeat was probably Talvish in G21. But still, i didn't struggle there that much when i did with G19 when it came out. So i probably would pick G19 as hardest generation for now, most fights there were indeed unfair, like Girgashiy jump attacks or the part where you have to deal even with 2 of those. Also Brilluen with her gang was pretty annoying too.