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Your Daily Fashion!


  • YamiofnightYamiofnight
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    Posts: 16
    With all the prep for an upcoming occasion, I forgot to post things.
    @Akemi That coco mini is by far something, beautiful. I love what you did with the mirror. Also, the way that idol ribbon is dyed fits in SUPER well with the greenhouse. Nice choice. Also love the zootopia cosplay. Very creative.
    @Littlececi OMG THAT BATDRESS IN THOSE COLORS. (I'm totally bias, but those colors are amazing together. :) And the pose just makes you look beyond adorable.) Also, loving the squirrel tail. It fits so well, especially with the mysterious robe using the outfit pose.
    I myself, have acquired quite a few new things, so I'll be posting more pictures here in the future(I hope).
    For now, May's near its end and in celebration I have an outfit that makes you look like a flower. it was tricky to dye, since it has parts that are pink and unable to be dyed...and my favorite colors are dark blue, black, and sometimes light blue and orange. This is what I've come up with though.
    Perfect for fitting in with your local gardens.
    Head: Passiere wig
    Outfit: Rurutie's
    Shoes: Cuddly chicken loffers
    wrists: tribal bird
  • TotonoTotono
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    edited May 23, 2017
    I took this pic yesterday because it finally rained and let me wear my rain outfit. :3


    Staying dry~

    I'll be sure to take more selfies and post here more :>
  • ChibisaiChibisai
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,470
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    edited May 24, 2017

    >> Haven't posted in forever... so I'll just leave this here ~


    Head: Eluned King of Death Mortello Wig F
    Outfit: Eluned Afternoon Tea Jacket F
    Shoes: Chillin' Urban Boots F
    Gloves: Enchanted Bride's Bracelet
    Wings: Wings of Tuan
    Tail: Fluffy Fox Tail

    Gotta love the Eluned stuff!
  • AquasolAquasol
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,140
    Posts: 433
    Member, Volunteer Forum Moderator

    I love when items dyed years apart from each other, all magically work together.
  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,055
    Posts: 302
    @Anemki haha that's really good. Could always sell it later if you change your mind :D I don't think I've tried the Millia's Boots, I'll have to check it out next time I wear the robe. Zootopia good movie and the cosplay of Nick looks awesome. Gender bends look fun and love that you included Judy as a bunny plushie.

    @Yamiofnight Its all good and thank you haha :D Its okay I'm totally bias for pink and I love wearing my Squirrel Tail with robes (since you can't wear wings without putting the normal tab) since it doesn't usually cover or clip like when I occasionally try to use a tail + wings. Excited to see more pictures of your new items :D Very stunning, love the dark blue on that outfit and I know the feeling with dyeing when some parts are undyeable. It looks good how you dyed it :D

    @Totono Welcome :D very adorable, glad to see it rained so you could use the raincoat set and hope to see more outfits from you on here :D

    @Chibisai Hello again glad to see you're back and congrats on the Eluned Items :D They look good, I love Eluned stuff as well.

    @Aquasol Welcome and agreed. Mixing and matching old stuff with new is great especially when they've been sitting in dressing room. :D

    Hello, I just recently got a Millia’s Exploration Outfit and finally dyed it. I had these Detective Shoes (F) as well and happy to find something to pair them with. Love the Squee gesture for posing haha. I didn’t want to use the Millia Gloves with the Outfit so I used Dowra’s Bracers instead. Came out super adorable :D



    Outfit: Millia’s Exploration Outfit
    Headpiece: Pihne’s Wig
    Shoes: Detective Shoes (F)
    Gloves: Dowra’s Bracers
    Accessories: Fluffy Squirrel Tail
  • TotonoTotono
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,690
    Posts: 47
    LittleCeci wrote: »
    @Totono Welcome :D very adorable, glad to see it rained so you could use the raincoat set and hope to see more outfits from you on here :D

    Thanks, here's another one :o


    Outfit: Water Shaman
    Shoes: Ronin Shoes
  • YamiofnightYamiofnight
    Mabinogi Rep: 800
    Posts: 16
    @Totono that's adorable.

    Off to a wedding today. Off to a con after that. In the spirit of that, here's something a bit more adventurer-y and
    slightly anime esque.

    Hair: Enchanted Bride
    Outfit: wis intelligence soldier uniform
    gloves: shaman's
    shoes: saber's Greaves

  • MugenaiMugenai
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,475
    Posts: 26
    Been a while since I popped in here!
    Thanks to the fantasia pets being chock full of dyes, there's an abundance of my fixed floating around so I took the opportunity to redye some of my old clothes to match my colors now~ This outfit was always one of my favorites yeeeaaaars ago (and pretty much doesn't exist these days) ♥


    Head: Cat Ear Headband
    Body: Elegant Gothic Dress Short Type
    Glove: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Shoes: Cores' Cute Ribbon Shoes
    Wings: Baby Pink Angel Wings
    Tail: Fluffy Kitty Tail
    Halo: Silver Angelic Halo
    Hand: Opera Glasses
  • TotonoTotono
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,690
    Posts: 47
    Got a new outfit tonight, I think I like the way the dye came out~


    Idol plaid outfit, and Patissiere shoes~ And as always, cat ear headband and fluffy kitty tail. those 2 never change x3
  • ShoogShoog
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,535
    Posts: 883
    So many fun outfits and styles in here! :) Here's my latest outfit combo.


    Head: Floppy Hat (F)
    Body: 2008 Premium Summer Newbie Wear (F)
    Hand: Bunny Parka Bracelets
    Foot: Glamour Pumps (F)
  • KidyKidy
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,565
    Posts: 23
    @yamiofnight @mugenai - I love seeing some of the old outfits being used! Loving the color choices.
    @Totono - Brown+green are some of my favorite color combos. ^^ very earthy.
    @Shoog - Super cute! Very summery too. I don't see much of the floppy hat, it's so cute!

    Going for a spunky look this time. xD (and of course keepin' it pastel)

    Head: Eluned Urban Wig
    Body: Flame Patterned Leather Armor
    Feet: Santa's Helper Shoes (Seriously I wear these things with everything lol..)
    Hand: Bunny Parka Bracelets
    Back: Celtic Royal Crossbow (to add to her spunk)
  • TotonoTotono
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,690
    Posts: 47
    @Kidy Thanks, It came out really nice :3 I love that you always use pastels~


    Afternoon Tea dress, Alice Shoes, Lace Umbrella, Cat ears, and Cat tail~
  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,055
    Posts: 302
    @Totono Super adorable, love the red x white shaman, the brown and green (don't see it very often) and black and white tea dress. :D Loving the awesome outfits haha!

    @Yamiofnight Very busy :D Also love the saber greaves with that outfit, very creative!

    @Mugenai Hello welcome back and its okay <3 That's awesome, glad to hear you got more of your dyes and could re-dye some of your clothes :D Very nostalgia to see that outfit, glad to see that its still around and it was a favorite :D

    @Shoog :D Hello and agree, loving all the outfits and styles everyone is posting and love that hat with the dress, very summer like and the flowers show up much nicer against your blue and white haha.

    @Kidy I think you pulled off spunky very well :D I haven't seen that wig around much, it looks good on you and like @Totono and probably many others, pastels are very lovely on you, loving the light blue and lavender combo. :D

    Hello! Its been a while but finally posting again haha. I’ve had this dress for awhile but wasn’t sure what to wear with it. The Pihne Wig is super cute (worn it with several outfits) with the dress and I haven’t actually wore the Saber Leather Shoes since they’re little darker than the brown I use. The parts I dyed brown on the dress came out little darker than expected so it matches the shoes which is awesome haha. Its not a dress that’s floating around often so here’s hoping I see another one sometime :D Also a picture with Milk <3333



    Outfit: Cute Princess Dress
    Headpiece: Pihne Wig
    Shoes: Saber Leather Shoes
    Gloves: China 7th Anniversary Ring
    Accessories: Fluffy Squirrel Tail
  • ScavernScavern
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,015
    Posts: 130
    edited July 29, 2017
    Never been one for posting fashion or show-casing it somewhere, but I'll take that route for some humor. ♥
    Here's a casual look. :P


    Outfit: Millia's Exploration Outfit.
    Headpiece: Bat Hat.
    Shoes: Connous Leather Greaves [F].
    Gloves: Winter Princess Bracelet.
    Accessories: Twin blue beam swords at hip and Cait Sith [SAO] Wings.
  • AnemkiAnemki
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,415
    Posts: 347
    Adding the Patissiere shoes with the Idol plaid in those colours actually looks really great! It looks very earthy and cute. I'm so used to seeing that dress with tall boots that go with the set, but you did a very nice job! I've also slowly been experimenting with wearing smaller shoes with long socks and dresses, so it's fun to mix it up!

    Oh no! I don't intend to sell the tail lol. I was actually really shocked with grabbing it, but it's really fun to mix with simple dresses and go with the barefoot look. Not just that, but I managed to get a few other tails too. I don't know why but going barefoot with them is hella cute! Also, thanks. I got super into Zootopia and thought since I have the tail, why not try. (:

    I AM SCREAMING. I got one of those Floppy hats too, and I felt it looked great with the 2008 Summer dress, I just haven't decided what else I want to mix the hat with. But you're adorable as heck!

    The Eluned outfits they're releasing are super cool, and I am in love with the idea STILL.
    Since Chibisai already posted the Afternoon Tea jacket, I'll go ahead and post pics for the Chillin' Urban outfit, BECAUSE WE HAVE PANTS.


    Head: Basic Shades
    Body: Eluned Chillin' Urban Outfit (F)
    Shoes: Eluned Chillin' Urban Shoes (F)
  • ChibisaiChibisai
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,470
    Posts: 285
    edited June 7, 2017
    My outfit for the day :o Other than the asymmetrical sleeves bothering me and the ruffles on the skirt, I quite like it. It goes quite well with the Nekone Wig too since it has stripes on the hair tie ~


    Head: Nekone's Wig
    Outfit: Red Eye Strap Suit F
    Shoes: Lisbeth Boots
    Gloves: Red Eye Strap Bracelet F
    Wings: Wings of Tuan
    Accessory: Cylinder for RA Pose
  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,055
    Posts: 302
    @Scavern BOSS a little late replying haha haha but welcome and its okay :D Love the look and the colors, I don't see that color blue-purple around often. :D

    @Anemki Oh haha that's no problem :D It looks pretty nice with outfits, doesn't clip like my squirrel tail does sometimes haha. Oh nice congrats on the other tails and its a good movie :D I agree about the Eluned outfits, they're pretty awesome. I'm hoping they release more in the future, especially an Eluned Detective (F) since I really liked the male version more than the female one. The Urban I saw a preview of it someone posted and was super excited when I saw it was coming. It looks good in your colors, I'll have to post my version later. The only really good thing I gached out haha :D

    @Chibisai Hello and loving the outfit. I saw you in Belvast and thought it was really cute how you paired the Nekone Wig with it, especially as you said it has stripes just like the skirt.

    Hello! I actually wasn’t going to get the Sturdy Ox Armor (F) but then I saw how awesome someone’s armor came out and decided I wanted to see how mine would look in my colors. There’s no brown since only one part is cloth while the other two are metal. The gray design on the skirt is part of the metal so I left it as it was. I don’t have the other pieces so I used the Avelin Greaves and Fallen Fairy Gauntlets (F) which end up hidden by the sleeves. Still sporting the Pihne Wig haha and love using the new gestures for poses. Also got a picture with Milk who was dyeing the Count Cookie Suit with dyes from the Fantasia pets. <3



    Outfit: Sturdy Ox Armor (F)
    Headpiece: Pihne Wig
    Shoes: Avelin Greaves
    Gloves: Fallen Fairy Gauntlets (F)
    Accessories: Fluffy Squirrel Tail
  • TabariTabari
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,590
    Posts: 58
    Couldn't really think of anything original this time, just the Red Eye Strap set with wings, I'll go through my wardrobe when I tire of this set and try to make something.
  • AnemkiAnemki
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,415
    Posts: 347
    edited June 14, 2017
    Absolutely! I was really hoping for an Eluned Detective Wear too, but we both know the price will probably be just as absurd as the Eluned Mortello. I'm happy to say though, that I did end up buying that, and the regular Eluned Pitch Uniform I gave to Larry since he prefers that version anyway. We're both really happy with the dye results, Darvy also helped me with the dye job for his set. I will probably post pictures of it this weekend with the two of us together, I have a really nice shot planned out for it!

    For now, I'll post the Laighlinne Cuirass Garment set I got last month. I was lucky enough to gach the boots for this, and they look really great with lots of other outfits, such as the Summer Weave. I also went with a darker teal on this as well, and to be honest I felt like it's in mermaid colours! I also still went with the fitting pirate ship theme with this, I just wish we had the other version of Port Ceann as a permanent place we could visit. The Ghost Ships in the background would be an awesome back drop for this!




    Head: Laighlinne Wig
    Body: Laighlinne Cuirass Garment
    Gloves: Laighlinne Support Bracelet
    Shoes: Laighlinne Metal Heel Greaves
    Location: Ship from Belvast to Uladh
  • ChattiChatti
    Mabinogi Rep: 825
    Posts: 40

    Keeping things sleek since coming back.