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but why tho


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  • Hi Milletians! Thank you for entering the Spooky Screenshot Comic contest! We have selected our favorite comics from all the entries. The prize for this contest is the Magical Halloween Loot-o'-Lantern! Grand Prize Winners Olindori Arjune…
  • Going to close this contest at 6PM as there may be a few people who want to submit!
  • Enjoy!
  • Arjune wrote: » someone already asked one of the questions I was gonna ask (how many panels should it be?) but I have another question. it says to make a scary story... does that mean we can't make a funny comic? or do we need to actually be telli…
  • Adeno wrote: » Hello I have a question about this fun contest! Are we also allowed to use filters or modifications to our screenshots to give it our own personalized looks? Let's say for example we took a screenshot in the game, and then this pict…
  • Hi everyone, servers are open now, and there was no roll back needed!
  • Due to an issue where the Memo Pads rewards from the Study event were deleted, the servers will be going down at 10:30 AM PDT and will be rolled back.
  • The giftboxes will not be removed
  • RE: Playful Puzzle Event 1. Players will have to re-register a main character at the NPC, A Boy in Need, in Dunbarton 2. All puzzle pieces have been reset. 3. Any players that had previously claimed rewards will have those rewards claimed but w…
  • Kisaraya wrote: » I don't know if it's happening for everyone but when you buy the Couple Special Soldier Box for 5 coins, it awards (2) Male outfits, instead of the 1 male and 1 female. I'm ok with relationship equality, but having them marked as…
  • Compliance wrote: » Katherz wrote: » Hello Milletians, The Natural Dye mini-game should now be fixed. For those of you who tried to make a dye today, you should be able to make a dye after the reset at 7 AM PDT. Additionally, we are looking i…
  • Lucard wrote: » What/where is the sticker? Kinda wish there was a video since I feel like the reverse mabinogi side that looks like the nice acrylicis suppose to be the top of the stand. Cause all I feel is the solid acrylic. Like my Nao and Tarl…
  • Lucard wrote: » So, got the acrylic figures and lot of the stands are scratched or got black markings permanent and 2 of the figures I can't put them in the slots cause of the size and I'm afraid of breaking the figure part. Anyway the first…
  • Hello Milletians, We are aware that with yesterday’s fix of the Natural Dye mini-game, you may have received the Doki Doki Natural Dye Event quest. We will remove this quest from your quest log after the Connous Beach Event is over on September 2…
  • Hello Milletians, The Natural Dye mini-game should now be fixed. For those of you who tried to make a dye today, you should be able to make a dye after the reset at 7 AM PDT. Additionally, we are looking into compensation for those Milletians who…
  • Just wanted to add that we are currently investigating an issue with the Natural Dye minigame where it does not give you dyes.
  • I am closing the thread now, thank you so very much for all of your heart warming entries! I feel so very blessed to be a part of this community and I will miss everyone while I'm gone! If for whatever reason, you missed out on the deadline and had …
  • Dragoolfire wrote: » You’ll come back to us though, right? Yes, i'll be back!
  • Hi everyone, we have compensated for the soulmate issue once again
  • Dragoolfire wrote: » Take care of your self and that baby...Oh and don't leave us in suspense... Boy or Girl? Boy!