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but why tho


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    Hello! I have an update to share. Ukraine has been unblocked unless you live in any of the affected regions outlined in the Executive Order from the President of the United States.
  • Gold Pouch Removal

    Helsa wrote: »
    shikahril wrote: »
    will the rate for each box be the 50k that they can hold as of now? or would it increase by a higher amount? if its only by the 50k, thats a VERY large number of boxes to hit the max cap...

    Yeah, I noticed that too. It may be that this is a case where they set a cap that was meant to be "infinite" but, since it can't be, they just picked a ridiculously high number. Still it'd be nice if @Katherz could clarify.
    Negumiko wrote: »
    The only major loss is now I can now longer collect and sell abandoned big gold pouches for profit.

    Shya! It's amazing how many folks drop items that are worth a few thousand and do so right in front of an NPC with a shop. I never understood that but I'm not complaining; they heat my pool!
    Charoe wrote: »
    Does this also mean we have to remove them from our pets as well?

    I'd say that's pretty much guaranteed. Again, @Katherz should clarify.

    More information regarding the update will be released closer to the release date.
  • Gold Pouch Removal

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    Sale Dates: Thursday, April 28th, After Maintenance - Thursday, May 26th, Before Maintenance