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  • Ditto. Started last night (Dec 6) and has continued to today. Have tried reinstalling multiple times, restarting computer, closing firewall, etc. Just gets stuck with the "Loading Nexon Launcher..." screen. Not sure if relevant but in the Task Manag…
  • I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Dressing Room is great - but then maybe you want to keep extras, in case you want to Enchant something and it might be destroyed. Or useable but untradeable items like Enchant Protection or Tendering potions. Or old Mustard Choc…
  • Omg - So I really was right to worry about too many wiki pages!!!?
  • So... anyone care to share what the Fantasia Pegasus looks like?
  • Crag Cow hardmode, Crag Cow hardmode, Crag Cow hardmode, Carg Cow hardmode, CargCwow hardmode, CragCowhardmode, cragcowhardmode, craogcownhardmode, cragdiojalkjkdghakldfa.. *dies* Should just buy missing pieces, forget the wings orz
  • Hazurah wrote: » Greta wrote: » PlatinaKoki wrote: » I'd rather have another Ferghus coupon event thing. I still remember Ferghus "Amazing" Wings that we got with 12 hour expiration time... I think this time we get something more useful tha…
  • Same here! During the event, I was able to use the Pack Elephant once. I didn't check directly after turning in goods, but when I went to commerce again later there was no option for the Pack Elephant. Is the Rental Wagon messing with the options sh…