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October 13, 1992
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There is always some madness in love but there is always some reason in madness.
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  • I know you say to avoid Belvast, but I want to rank that one up. (Need to for a content quest. I'm sure I can just ignore it, or even give up on it, but I want to do it..) So, what would be your best advice for this? Without accessories. I have le…
  • noobodyzxz wrote: » will there be clover patches to gather 4 leaf clovers in the future will be able to stack 4 leaf clovers another idea that comes into mind is instead of adding clover patches make it possible to obtain 4 leaf clovers from ot…
  • Anyone know how to harvest mushrooms from the mushroom patches you can place in your homestead? >:U Do I have to wait till night fall like when harvesting from the forests?
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » They removed tickets in a recent update I believe. Let me see if I can find that thread So how the heck do you buy from their houses then? That's kind of stupid as I don't want to run around Uladh to all the housing area…
  • Jazmyn wrote: » Only if I could get the NX I paid for them back. And if they're older pets that were one time sale items, maybe a little extra.
  • Third time asking, anyone know where to find the giant vampire bats for Bran? Edit: Bats needed are apparently around the Bangor moongate area. Either right by or a little ways north (heading back towards Dun).
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Jazmyn wrote: » Amesenpai wrote: » Well it doesn't have to expire in temp inventory... just stuck there forever until you collect it. Staring at you menacingly for not being there when you were needed, lol
  • While the seal shop is a thing, it doesn't offer past items from gachas or events. I could see this idea going one of two ways. People actually using it for themselves and then people spamming it on their alts. Maybe implement a level limit like t…
  • Helsa wrote: » I'd like to add that when you read a note, that it have at least the previous note in the chain so you can reclaim context. Some times reply's come back so much later that you forget what was being talked about. THIS. SO MUCH TH…
  • I think all clothes should be free to all races. There's some giant only clothes I'd love to wear on my human. Same for some elf only clothing. I also think that all the hair colors should be available to all races, same for all the hair styles. T…
  • While FH is pretty nifty to some players, it's also a pain. It's easily canceled if someone counters you. Be it in pvp, evg or just regular in game fighting for dungeons, SMs, MA, etc. I mean, it's fair the way it is for each race having their own …
  • Helsa wrote: » Almost perfect AFK detection is a fairly simple thing to detect but perfect detection is damm near impossible. From the players point of view, making the quest for a random NPC wouldn't be particularly challenging because of all th…
  • I mean, while second chances are a good thing, people who used their computer knowledge to not only hurt Nexon but the players really shouldn't be allowed back. From black robing, to not being able to trust camping tents to pake and DDOS attacks.. …
  • kairisoadori wrote: » they can make changes to stop players from hacking there systems nexon is just being lazy Nexon has had DDOS attacks, black robes, tent hacks, duplication, bots -still has bots, and so on. It does not matter what you do to…
  • I heard we're getting Doki Doki again, but that's a rumor - and I really hope it turns out to be true. As for dye well event, yes please! In the Mari server you're lucky to find someone selling a fractal well, and even then, they're going to char…
  • Sign me the eff up! I'd also love to see snow fall in the Vales-themed homesteads.
  • GTCvActium wrote: » To be fair all of the tutorials can be skipped be desired. They are far better than the old days where Duncan basically hands you a basic sword with a cute loli spirit and then spartan kicks you off his hill to start your adven…
  • FayeKaiba wrote: » They don't need to do something to make everyone feel included because they already do that. They are always doing events that give out free outfits or free pets. They always do hot-time events, and giveaways. Also the stuff tha…