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  • Yummei wrote: » Chibisai wrote: » Hello! Here's my character if she interests you: Still getting used to clip studio paint over sai, so the lineart looks weird >< Oooh, I hope you do! Thank you ~ Really li…
  • Hello! Here's my character if she interests you:
  • markmilian wrote: » Oh luuul, How to send PM on forum tho? Click on Inbox button on top right under Search bar, and New Message. Edit: Listed some new items
  • markmilian wrote: » Sorry do you have a discord or something so I could PM you? Sorry, no. As post stated, shoot me a PM.
  • Basura wrote: » thanks everyone for your interest and the nice comments on my art ;v;/ i decided to do one a day for 3 days, wish i had time to draw you all
  • Oooh, very nice art! Here's my character if she catches your interest ~
  • Phirecry wrote: » Not sure what a gold transfer is? Here's the thread on it: but if tl;dr, basically the buyer trades a representative gold on their…
  • Dierdre wrote: » Here you go! I hope you like it :> I like your colors Oooh it's lovely! Thank you :' D Dierdre wrote: » Could anyone also give me a price check on my art? I was hoping to maybe open an art shop afterwards. I wi…
  • Dierdre wrote: » Chibisai wrote: » Here's my refs you can choose between: Congrats ! You won Refs, personality and anything you would like. Yay! Right here ~ As for personality,…
  • I'll pick 9 as my next number
  • Hello, hope you get well from surgery! Here's my refs you can choose between: Number I pick: 13
  • In-game name: Hikura4 Server: Mari Preferred method of contact [discord, e-mail, forums]: discord, will add you [Traditional or digital]: digital Size [head, waist up, knee up, full body, chibi, sticker]: Chibi x2 Line style [sketch, regular]:…
  • AporoCoo wrote: » Jazmyn's Just a small correction, that one is my character > < Thank you for the sketch! I love it
  • Just wanted to say your sketch looks really great! I may commission you someday when I can~
  • Hello Your art is very nice! Here's my character from MS2, hopefully will be good practice > < I'd love to place a commission someday when I have the money :'>
  • I've opened as much as others (4500+) and have never gotten a drawstring pouch (hopes for black bag is probably the same as the old fishing trap event) I have gotten a plenty of Autumn Wigs. At this point I'm just saving the bottles and opening them…
  • I had regretted selling off this outfit a while back, but found one when I had the gold and finally got it back ;w; Head: Wiggling Kitsune Headband Outfit: Loose-fit Knitwear and Stockings F Shoes: Developer's Slippers Wings: Sparrow Wings…
  • Hello! Here's my character if you're interested ~ Pose ref:
  • YellowFreakaZoid wrote: » i changed the size of the wings so that it would fit in the picture. and also i know u posted your hex for each piece of clothing but since it's only a sketch, i'm not doing color but i hope you like it anyways. Ahhhh,…