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  • [COINS SALE]Phire's Art Store PP/NX/COINS!

    Phirecry wrote: »
    Not sure what a gold transfer is?

    Here's the thread on it:

    but if tl;dr, basically the buyer trades a representative gold on their server, then the representative trades the seller the gold on the other server. A roundabout way to trade gold across server for commissioners/artists who wants to do gold method
  • Black bag

    I've opened as much as others (4500+) and have never gotten a drawstring pouch (hopes for black bag is probably the same as the old fishing trap event) I have gotten a plenty of Autumn Wigs. At this point I'm just saving the bottles and opening them all up at end of the event (and know I'll feel the disappoint of not getting it)

    SherriJiantoRadiant Dawnpawcalypse
  • [INFO] Anime Cosplay Screenshot Contest

    Greta wrote: »
    What is simulator screenshot? I have no idea what is that honestly... xD
    Also, are you even allowed to edit your character screenshots? Are you only allowed to post one reference from your anime character that you cosplay? Because i saw plenty of players who posted multiple very large anime character images and it looks too much for me since i think one image is enough to understand what character is that. I think it's okay when people screenshot their Mabinogi character on all sides so they can show how much they look alike with anime character which they cosplay as, but multiple anime character images are unnecessary i think.

    Simulator screenshot is from like the Mabinogi simulator where you can play around and try different outfits/faces/hairs/etc that you don't have (basically it's not your character and not on the game hence why they only want in-game screenshots from your actual mabinogi character because that would take away the whole purpose)

  • Percivaal's Artshop

    Just a little more pointers, you should put your in-game name and server so people know which server and person they're trading the gold to (discord also helps as an option and easier to communicate and if they're sending NX)

    Have an order form and wait list so it'll be easier for you to organize

    And... really, don't mind the person, there will always be someone who'll say it's too expensive or too low. You decide base on you feel is worth base on time and effort like Danny said, and if I felt that way I would keep to myself and move on. Don't like the price? Just skip it
  • Aell's Shop (FULL: 1/1 | 7/7 WL)

    Greta wrote: »
    Ahhhh, would love to order your art, but i'm on Alexina and i can't seem to fully understand gold transfer thing. D:

    Basically, you trade the representative your gold in the server you're in, the representative will hop on their alt on the server the artist is in and trade the artist the amount you traded them

    But yeah, it's a trust thing :' D