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  • First time I found it... it was already around G3 in NA, tried it for a week with a friend and we totally loved it, I think at that time was the ability of playing our own music that seduced us, but we were from Europe so it was just that week that …
  • If the sheeps are the problem they really should delete them just like they did in the past with that white bear that was gonna be free and since some people got it like one day before? they deleted everybear. Just to be consistent with how they act…
  • Greta wrote: » Lol. Not a chance for me. Because i suck talking in english, i'm too shy to show my gremlin face and also have no idea how to make a proper video. I don't even have decent equipment to make one. I think... My case too. My spoken …
  • I think it's ok to have to work for skills, I even remember the hard grinding I did for my AR pages back in the day and all but this time quests aren't even "newbie friendly" while the talent shows on the tab with talents recommended for beginners a…
  • Greta wrote: » lceCream wrote: » This kind of is a beginner talent. It has very high damage weapons and very good stat ratio 2.5 dex=1 max, also with high skill damage multipliers. You don't NEED to do the hard quests. Spinning slasher is lame …
  • That actually got me lost for 5 minutes until I saw Rua wasn't giving me any special conversation and then I remember the old Mabi times... I hope people that's not used to that has a faster brain than mine to realize how to get that part done
  • Seeing how they also showed some Baltane missions thing where we get the last 3 skills for the new talent but it's not implemented yet... yea, next maint probably.
  • That very same thing happens to me every time. I just assumed it's how it worked but it's also frustrating so I started to spam clicking and stop looking at the animation and getting my hopes crushed... I kept getting crap eitherway... but feels les…
  • Neyheshi wrote: » The only concerning thing to me is the 5th crystal because of the singular area of the mob that drops it. Very stupid on Nexon’s part to make it drop from an enemy found in one spot that and only from them. Gonna assume you me…
  • They brought back everyone... except Treasure Hunter. Not nice!
  • Haven't need to work for things to get skills since I did it years ago to get all AR pages so it's sort of feeling like the annoying times came back but since I got used back then... I wouldn't really compare this to rng skills from ace talents sin…
  • Veylaine wrote: » Lidrster wrote: » Well, at least RNG was nice to you with the 5m drop in festia's gacha, so if you really need it and get bored of running, you can just buy it I really do wonder how much they cost lol, 300 bait and yesterd…
  • If you're able to use an artisan removal that's about as much as you can do with an old shuriken, if you had it fully upgraded then... yea, new one. It's a bit sad and annoying
  • This sounds very fun! If I get time I'll totally go check on my server that day or the day they pick if they do it
  • KimCheolsu wrote: » Miuna wrote: » Adding that 5 days would be better in case other people missed days too just sounds like you trying to cover the fact that even you yourself know that the request is selfish lol KimCheolsu wrote: » -snip- T…
  • Adding that 5 days would be better in case other people missed days too just sounds like you trying to cover the fact that even you yourself know that the request is selfish lol Me saying this will probably bother you (and maybe others) but I mis…
  • Leinei wrote: » Give it time. October just started. XD It's the same every year, someone has to come early October (or even earlier) and be all alarmed cus they see no Halloween event
  • But we can't see the forum unless logged in anymore... that's bad cus forum won't let me login from my phone no matter what. Like, no matter how many times I login it just logs me out Either way if this gets rid of all the spam that I've been scro…