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  • Why do you play Mabi?

    First time I found it... it was already around G3 in NA, tried it for a week with a friend and we totally loved it, I think at that time was the ability of playing our own music that seduced us, but we were from Europe so it was just that week that we played. Then we waited an eternity as we read rumours that it would make to Europe eventually and it happened. We played lots there but that awful management they had just killed the game for us. When we started in NA again was super refreshing, game was back to be what we wanted to play all day long. Then I just kept playing and playing, meeting new people, having good and bad experiences and eventually I met that one person that changed my life forever. So if I think about it... I think I just played it for many years just cus it felt good even during bad times. Now sadly I don't have too much time so I play it extremly casually but the world of Erinn is sort of the place that I always can come back and feel like home.
  • The new... Pet??? Alto the centaur.

    I feel the odd one out... seen about this new pet on Twitter xD
  • How is the game doing :3

    If I had to keep thinking games are gonna die and take away my time and my money I wouldn't play any online game at all anymore... Mabi still has its players and the staff is visibly working on the game so it doesn't really seem as it will be going down any time soon.
    Peloi[Deleted User]