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  • Server: Nao IGN: Glaif
  • I mean, if you got an account and you can PROVE you got an account, I don't see why not. Heck, you probably contacted them through email that was attached to the account, it would be nonsensical to block access to someone with an account to even log…
  • Espero eu que sejamos, pelo menos. Eu sei que não o sou pelo menos. Que infelicidade~!
  • Dorchadas wrote: » okay let me test this google translate you said "I'm Irish but I live in Portugal. I want to talk to Tugas who plays too!" right "tugas" directly translates to "portuguese" pretty much, but yeah. Já agora, também sou tuga…
  • Unfortunately that's not how business works. You paid for your chances, not to win. If we got refunds for all the lottery tickets we didn't win, we'd never have to play the lottery again. Although I'd really love if they'd reveal the % chance of get…
    in gatcha Comment by Lleuad January 3, 2017
  • play dead in the opposite direction, maybe the invencibility frames that you don't get will help a bit.
  • if you're a mage, I'd say vivace is a good starting point to get some casting speed up.
  • Ah yes, there was also that cutscene where they showed Nuadha tied up in a tree as "punishment" in G13, but in G16 he seemed to have been released just fine as well. So to be honest if there are -any- prisoners in avon we can probably safely assume…
  • [insert video here] This video shows the 3 different dance styles, as well as the 3 different dance visual effects. So what you're saying is that the very first one is the "fan dance"? ... people call -that- a fan dance? Proper spooked/10
  • If you check the Bard Bulletin Board, if an instrument has a star next to it that means it's a tuned/festival version of that instrument. Then, when you play it's preview you'll hear what it'll sound like and its completely different. I'm not sure …
  • Avon was, indeed, supposed to be a prison, however, there was only supposed to be -one- prisoner within it. That prisoner was Shakespeare. But then he fled. Now there's (technically) no prisoners within avon.
  • At this time, the movement is affected by the moving speed. Put marching song, shylock and demi on it. Watch the fun. 8D don't forget the shield of trust guarded footstep shenanigans.
  • Frankly, when you consider how G20 ended, it seems like the scenario writers put themselves in a corner. They'd have to pull a whopper out of their nether regions to explain away why we shouldn't just leave the Prophets locked up behind the Gate. sh…
  • grind my face against a wall as my skills slowly get experience as I use them, as it probably would be less painful. Jokes asides, I talk with people, and share my grief, specially with people that already did it. And with people that didn't do it …
  • Well to be honest, even in KR, people had Briana added at a -later- date, so probably NA has misinformed people by mistake. "These are the known renown reward for -nele and yvona- " "wait what about briana" "what about he- OH RIGHT well that's kin…
  • Who knows. I really like the idea however.
  • tbh the backgrounds have this weird G19~20 feel to it in my honest opinion. Though at the same time it looks too long lasting to -be- a generation. Either way it looks good.
  • ~Tuners for the win~ ^o^/ But you can make tuners now if you collect materials from the Musical Dungeon. At least that is what I've been told~. That would've been really good if it was true. Unless the recipe in question is on sale for tailoring or…
  • Where'd the impostor even come from, she looks like the musical appreciation NPC but that background looks like a dungeon. Am I just looking at her wrong and it's the one and the same? If that's the case, shouldn't we also talk about that one girl…
  • Mmm. Well there's the usual "I just want to get gud" reasoning out of it, but at the same time, I just really like spending time and doing things with people that I know, and if I don't know anyone, there's always the time invested to know new peopl…