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The pen may be mighier than the sword but the shovel is mightier than the pen.
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I like Italian food.


  • I've been stalked many times; I feel your pain. In the mean time go to your homestead and enter edit mode. Click on homestead entrance and you can set-up visitation rules. It contains both black and white list capabilities. Stay strong.
  • Chewbarka wrote: » Helsa wrote: » Chewbarka wrote: » Never letting this die. :U THAT'S THE SPIRIT! Keep the faith. Afterall, what did my merge thread number get up to? Like, 15 or so? The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say! …
  • Fluorette wrote: » Helsa wrote: » Some of those erg materials can be found in the jousting shop; just sayin'! XD I don't think I've looked at that shop in 2 years, so I didn't know ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● about that …
  • Fluorette wrote: » X̄ Close, but I meant V̅. Geez Louise, the forum software really scuppers it, doesn't it! EDIT: Close, but I meant V̅. Ah, there we go.
  • There has been a trend to making the game easier over the years. In some cases obviously it's been warranted. The old combat system, for example; so few people were able to work with it. But some changes are the result of folks unwilling to be di…
  • Okay, let's try this again! Vee Bar! EDIT: WOO HOO!
  • 2022 Nov 27 The final had 12 and it can be found
  • Fluorette wrote: » ^ Somebody posted a thread with a topic exactly like this the last time this event took place, so that is probably contributing to the cause. On the bright side: maybe erg material prices will decrease... a bit? :'D Some of…
  • An "auto-drop" feature would not be specifically a fishing thing or, at least, need to be. We already have something kinda like that but the filter is probably more general than what you want. So being able to program bags to be more specific seem…
  • AgentJean wrote: » How about expanding the auto crafting count from 100 to 1000. That way I can queue up a bunch of Thin Threads or what ever and check back in 3 hours instead of every 10 minutes. Why not? As long as you are logged in, you sh…
  • Chewbarka wrote: » Never letting this die. :U THAT'S THE SPIRIT! Keep the faith. Afterall, what did my merge thread number get up to? Like, 15 or so?
  • If it's possible all patterns should be dye-able. There's no need to explain WHY you want it, THAT you want it, is good enough; or, at least, should be. To add: dying tartan patterns would be nice because then you could make them look closer to …
  • Kittyness wrote: » I am stuck on the rebirth part I used the rebirth potion but for some reason its saying I havent done it and now I cant continue Plsssss help there is no rebirth potions at all on my character T_T Go through your quest logs …
  • Cinnabun wrote: » Helsa wrote: » For experience there's a girl near the grocery store in Dunbarton that has a series of quests that renew every rebirth, they can get you level one-hundred and change quickly. Do you mean Lorna or the explorer …
  • Atheist42 wrote: » * Skills that are rank 1 or higher will only require 100% training experience for the master title to be awarded for that skill." If this is true, then the level 200 bonus is useful here. Are extant incomplete efforts stil…
  • Cinnabun wrote: » I started playing mabi again after 5 years but what do players do now? aside from dailies and skill training im a bit lost on what players run now and the gear and enchantments i should be looking to get Since, five years ago,…
  • I'm gonna buy another year. I mainly used to buy to maintain my guild. Now I'm doing it mostly to do my part to keep the game alive. Oh, we Socialists can be such suckers sometimes. :P EDIT: friggin undetectable spelling error!
    in VIP MIx up Comment by Helsa November 24
  • Whoa! Déjà vu! There an echo in here? (hee hee)
  • Whoa! Déjà vu! There an echo in here? (hee hee)